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    shift linkage?

    hi guys, a buddy and i just got a chenowth single seat 9 car. i've done some searching on RDC, and i'm needing help with shift linkage. do i just use straight tube with a few heims for support and u-joints or does anyone have a better idea. i"m used to 2 seater buggys, so the single seat...
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    x-box 360 cables

    what is the difference between the HDAV cables that come with the 360 and the HDMI cable that cost $45-50 bucks, and do they make $50 dollars worth of difference on a samsung 1080p?
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    the term "vignette"?

    ok, sorry for the dumb ? but on the "edge of contol" web site they use the term "vignette" under the video area. what does this mean. once again sorry for the dumb ?.................rick
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    another new member

    hey guys and gals, my name is rick shryock, finally became a member. there just too many topics here to NOT be a member! mainly fighting to keep ohv areas open! yes, the problem streaches all the way out here to new mexico. i can't imagine NOT being part of such a huge yet very close family...