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  1. Kade075

    Sprocket Gearing?

    I ride a 250 XC-F. What kind of gearing combos would you recommend for higher speeds?
  2. Kade075

    GPS Setup

    I ride a 250 XC-F and I want to race the Vegas to Reno. I do not have a GPS set up on my bike and i was looking for some suggestions. I also have an upgraded stator 95 watt.
  3. Kade075

    How to Get Fast

    Hello my name is Kade. I am 16 years old and I have just recently completed my first desert race, the parker 250. In this race I was about 30 minutes behind my dad. This is understandable as he has iron maned the Baja 1000, Vegas to Reno and many more races. I'm hoping that next race I will be...