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    Future of racing in the Mojave Desert

    way to stick to your guns so far Fish....
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    BMS Stage 2 GMC Build

    I was wondering the same thing. Are the front fenders a must?
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    2500HD Fuel Gauge

    X2 on the stepper motors.. happened to my 03. There are services on E-bay and Craigslist that will do a full rebuild for about $100. You have to be pretty crafty with the soldering iron to do it yourself (very small connections).
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    No waiting... we're drinking!!!
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    Fab unlimited 08 chevy sister truck

    Looks Great! The rear shock towers are a refreshing design over the traditional "bed cage". It looks like it offers the maximum amount of bed space available.
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    Congatulations Steve Lang

    Add another notch to the belt... Good job guys!
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    silverado cst kit?

    Launched it no. Its a pretty heavy truck to be putting in the air with a pretty stripped down kit like that IMO. (no bypasses, no bumps, no cage, smaller travel #s). But for the lower price you could afford yourself some other important upgrades like hubs and rear springs and shocks. It would...
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    silverado cst kit?

    I have one on my 03.. (white silverado in the classifieds) I have had no problems with it. You will net 13" of travel which will not win you any gnartastic bro awards but it works good for a non caged, leaf sprung truck.
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    Who does the best wiring?

    X2 on PSmith's wiring, super clean!
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    Custom Jeep Builder / Fabricator
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    Travis Pastranas new year jump!

    Should have caught that by who posted it... sneaky
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    Travis Pastranas new year jump!

    Red Bull race car... Rockstar ad at the end... Whats up with that?
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    Never thought I would see an s-dime come close to little mac... very cool
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    BAJA 1000 Update Thread

    Congrats to the Skilton / Krellwitz class 3 team for another top B1K finish!
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    Powder Puff 2009 Photo's

    Any pics of #83? Thanks!
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    **Racer Photo- MORE Powder Puff**

    Any pics of #83? Thanks!
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    Primm 300 updates

    Skilton and Gambrell first finishers in class 3... Good job guys!
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    Primm 300 updates

    Short wheelbase 4x4... Bronco, Wrangler, K5 Blazer
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    Primm 300 updates

    Good race between Pike and Skilton... Go Darren! Is Moss broke on his first lap?
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    Guess who just became a....

    I guess your not worried about the husband finding out about your relationship with her?