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    Something new 2.2

    Man that's a lot of tubes in the front bulkhead area! Were these dumped in favor of a newer lightweight design? Seems these were the pinnacle of the old guard that got left behind. Still kind of bummed to see it cut up though.
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    RJ Anderson's XP1K4 is now live!

    That was pretty cool but it should have had some sort of sound track through most of it. The CVT moo gives me a headache pretty quickly. And holly bumpsteer Batman! I wish I had a wall of death to cycle my suspension on.
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    raising seats

    You can bolt seat sliders in. I put these in a truck and couldn't get them low enough to safely drive for me, might be what you're looking for. Anodized "Seat-Loc" Billet Seat Slider - Chassis Unlimited
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    11/16ths wheel studs?

    Curiosity go the best of me last night and I mocked up everything I have. My Raceline wheels are drilled for 5/8 using a 43/64 bit as near as I can tell and chamfered 90deg to use the standard NASCAR wheel studs. Looks like I'll be needing to drill them too to clear the 11/16 shank and 11/16...
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    11/16ths wheel studs?

    I picked up a set of Chrisman hubs that were 5x5.5 with 11/16 fully threaded studs. I later found a Pro-truck rear axle with the exact same hubs so I figured I lucked out. The problem I found was the lugs. The only ones commercially available are the flat HD style like you found but that means...
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    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's 1984 PPI Toyota SR5 restoration

    A few years back one of those fenders showed up at the Leduc swapmeet. I almost bought it just to have but didn't have room for chatchkies in my life then. As I recall, some young flat biller with black socks thought it was cool that it had a Coors sticker on it and hauled it off for $40. If...
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    No Mention of Off Road Magazine in 4/14 Dirt Sports...

    No, Dirt Sports is staying and Off-Road is now dead from what I've read and Jerrod's editorial goodbye in the last issue of Off-Road.
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    -MY design style-

    Good to know. I built my spindles that same way and never had a bolt come loose. Are you relying on the torque of the bolt alone to keep it tight or is there some positive lock involved? I wouldn't think Loctite would be trusted for such a critical connection. Personally I had envision a pinch...
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    -MY design style-

    Looks good. Does that spindle use one long bolt, or is the center section threaded?
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    Traxxas Robby Gordon Edition Dakar Slash

    Oh I definitely agree. These bodies look great.
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    MORE Holliday 200 Pics

    The DMC crew was on the hill, got a few pictures. There were a few cars coming through on 2 wheels and a couple that wadded.
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    WTB fiberglass body

    Trailer products: Mcneil: Hannemann:
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    ** RCP body build for AGM BMW X-6 trophy truck !! **

    Love to see the process is so simple yet the skill put into it is outstanding. Side note tho, this does make me wonder how much a welded seam mild steel Jimco chassis goes for.
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    :RUMOR?: 7200 B.I.T.D class changes for 2012

    Didn't the TSA 4wd IRS 7200 truck run an inline 6 Jeep motor? Wonder how much power that put down and its reliability.
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    That's right...a 3D printer!

    I was at the Westec show a couple years ago and there was a vendor printing titanium parts. It was a laser that melted titanium powder layer by layer. I've had too many hours lost to dreaming of building a reprap machine. Basically a cheap, homebuilt version of a 3d printer.
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    75 chevy build

    Wow, that is the most ambitious start to a cage I've seen yet. I love it!
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    Building a CNC router???

    I've been designing a mini CNC mill since the day this article was written on Search that site for cnc, read all the comments with links on the builds and you'll get a lot of information. Instructabliss has a few cnc mill build-ups as...
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    In the desert with artillery

    They really need to open a trail around the south east side along the lakebed. There is no way to get around there without going on base. I did it twice last year cause a 2wd has no other way through.
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    ContourHD cams?

    You can also pick up a lens kit to replace the roosted or cracked stocker
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    1400 in 2011

    Why? Are you scared of your clone beating you again? lol I'd love to see you two go head to head for a whole season, that would be some close racing.