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  1. dezertrat82

    Trophy Truck Leap at Perris speedway

    Just was checking out the schedule for the Perris Speedway. Saw that they are having a trophy truck long jump. Does anybody have any more info on the event? The event is scheduled for Sept. 8th
  2. dezertrat82

    CNC training in the San diego/Temecula area

    Looking for a school or training facility that is in the vicinity of San Diego or the temecula area. Everything I have found so far is either non-descriptive on how long or how much it will cost. What is everybody opinion on where to go?
  3. dezertrat82

    Races that you will attending this year.

    What races will you be going to this year? i plan on going to: all the plaster city races: MDR and Drive laughlin most likely primm corr? more to be added when i get all my friends locked down to which ones they wanting to go to.
  4. dezertrat82

    Your posting numbers not changing

    It shows underneath my name when i post that i have only 19 posts but when i go in my profile and i search all the posts i have made it shows that i have made 46 posts. i have noticed this with a few other users. It hasn't changed from 19 posts for about a month. Was wondering if anybody else is...
  5. dezertrat82

    making bends close to each other?

    I have a JD2 model 3 bender. I want to make a bend coming right off another bend going into a different direction. My problem i have when i try it is the the hold down strap that holds the tubing to the main die will not be able to be pinned in. Is it even possible with this style bender? Do i...
  6. dezertrat82

    engine computers

    Does anybody know of any good sources for buying engine computers. I'm currently looking for a computer for a 95 ford ranger. It seems that the one i need is a rare computer. Computer code is F5PF-AJA. Any help is appreciated. Also considering getting it repaired if somebody knows a good shop.
  7. dezertrat82

    Looking for finishes for class 30

    Anybody have the finishing results for class 30. I'm looking to see how 301X Jim Thomson from Iron Mountain Racing did? Is there a website with finishing results?
  8. dezertrat82

    Hi my name is Matt Tindell

    Hi my name is Matt Tindell. I'm 24 years old. Been fabricating my f150 from ground up. I'm currently helping with a friends class 5 unlimited. trying to get it out on the track soon. If anybody wants more info just reply and i will be happy to give.