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  1. Scooterinvegas

    Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya

    Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to DIE............. :-)
  2. Scooterinvegas

    Question about something that will not sell on RDC classifieds

    Is the economy really that bad?? Im asking what some of you think. For months, I have listed a pair of new Fox by-pass shocks here on RDC, craigslist, and Ebay, and no one is buying. The price is defiantly right ($900 for the pair), so I dont think that is the problem. Has anyone else noticed...
  3. Scooterinvegas

    Redneck Fabrication

    If any one is interested in learning a fast way to "fish mouth" a piece of "pipe" here is a cool video I stumbled across on you tube. My mouth dropped when they zoomed in on the welds.. The dude seams like a genuinely nice guy, so I don't feel right slamming him, but DAMNN!! :D Fast forward...
  4. Scooterinvegas

    Hi There!! My name is Scooter

    I like dirt dirty women dirty trucks dirty minds dirty mouths and fish taco's Oh ya, I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. :)
  5. Scooterinvegas

    Pressing out Ford Spindle Snouts??

    OK, I want to ditch the F-150 spindle spuds and weld in a set of Kar Tek 2" snouts. What do I have to do to press out the old spindle/spuds? Im thinking a little heat to the spindle and start pushing? And once the 2" snout is pressed back in, what rod would be best to weld them? Im not sure what...
  6. Scooterinvegas

    Mesh or Screen to protect the radiator??

    Im looking for screen to protect the radiator and oil coolers from rocks. What is light weight, and strong enough to protect these things from rocks?? The oil coolers are in front, behind the grill, and the radiator is in the back right behind the cab in the rear window opening. Any help would...
  7. Scooterinvegas

    83-92 ranger ex cab fiberglass cab?

    I looking for 83-92 ranger ex cab fiberglass cab. I poked around on google and searched here with no luck. Anyone have any idea who might still have that old of a body/cab? We have new bedsides and a one piece front end that converts to 2003 2nd gen. Would like to have a matching cab with the...
  8. Scooterinvegas

    CORR race on NBC??

    If been watching the "race" on NBC for an hour & a half. Its not what I expected. 90 min and haven't seen a truck yet..... :rolleyes:
  9. Scooterinvegas

    Classified trouble?

    I tried posting a add on the classifieds (rhino cage), but it never showed up. Is there some thing I did wrong? I don't wont to try and relist and get everything pull for double posting.
  10. Scooterinvegas

    King Shocks promised discount, then reneged?

    We have been ordering 8-16 shocks at a time. Then was told, (by king over the phone) 20 or more and we would get an extra $20-$25 off, per shock. So we ordered 24, and was told after, no discount for you..... What gives? My only question, is there any dealers here that could confirm or deny the...
  11. Scooterinvegas

    Real Time Info on MISSING Jonah Street 321x bike

    5-31-08 12:04 pm If any one has the ability to contact Jonah Street or a member of his race team, call them and let them know their stolen bike is now IN Mexicali. They need to look for a tan datsun truck. The GPS coordinates are below...... UPDATE!! The bike has now moved... Now at...
  12. Scooterinvegas

    King 3" and 2 1/2"????

    Why is the 3" King so much more than the 2.5"?? I understaind its a better shock, but with springs there like $1,150 vs $600.
  13. Scooterinvegas

    Class 5, what does some of your cars weight?

    Im wondering what a typical class 5-1600 should weight.
  14. Scooterinvegas

    Class question - Back halved Ranger w/ v8

    Beside heavy metal (snore) and unlimited prerunner (MDR), what classes would this thing be legal in? Please dont flame me, I dont have my fire proof skin on today :o
  15. Scooterinvegas

    Projects for sell, should I buy?

    A buddy has 4 - 35X12.50-17 Projects, new, never mounted. He wants $960 for the set. Now here's the thing, I don't need them any time soon, but I will in about 12-18 months, should I buy them and stick them in a back bed room, or will they dry out sitting unmounted for that long? I know this is...
  16. Scooterinvegas

    Hello, My Name Is Scott, aka Scotterinvegas

    Hi there. Work on getting the car ready for the race tomorow. (mint) Talk at you guys later....
  17. Scooterinvegas

    Hello, My Name Is Scott, aka Scotterinvegas

    Hey! Im new here but I looking forward to becoming involved here. Ive been looking and this looks like a great site..