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    MDR event-who is going?

    ok, besides everyones views, I want to go beyond that and simply ask a few easy questions. Who all is going to this event? Does anyone know who the girls were that helped me that night? I know there was at least one who held my head for me, and I never got her name or was able to thank her. I...
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    JV for new years

    hope everyone had a wonderful xmas. Is anyone gonna be in Johnson Valley for new years? we;ll be out kid wants to will be our first trip since 08-14. He wants to visit the crash site, say a few things for the fallen, light a candle..actually, I'm not sure exactly whats on his...
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    greetings, I'm Travis Bonnar..

    some of you may have seen my wife or i on tv supporting this sport, which I love. Yes, I almost died and was severely injured last week at the MDR, and both my kids were injured. I want everyone to know I will stand up and argue the right to continue this sport to anyone.. accidents