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  1. AZmxer

    HDRA Helicopter footage

    I know they are using the Heli footage for the TV show but I'm sure many people like myself would love to get their hands on the footage.I would imagine only a few seconds will be used for each vehicle or maybe not at all.From my GoPros they followed me for almost 15 minutes and I only made it 2...
  2. AZmxer

    HDRA Video tech,fmx, and the race

    Here is a quick video I made from our weekend racing the HDRA Imperial 250. What a great event!! We were excited to get back out in the desert as we raced a season of Lucas Oil Regionals in 2011. We had a great race going passing over 20 vehicles in the first lap and were first on the road...
  3. AZmxer

    Any seats for sale @ RATR?

    Wondering if anyone has a seat for sale ? Co-drive or co-ride? Have all my own gear and some cash $$$ . Let me know
  4. AZmxer

    Lucas Oil Regional Round #6 / Deegan practice

    Some video from Round #6 of the Lucas Oil Regionals/ASCC. Brian Deegan was out practicing which was cool. The biggest turnout yet and was a great time! Caught Pike's wheel flying off and rock crawler rollover
  5. AZmxer

    New Dirt Alliance truck wrap

    Here are some pics of my truck after getting wrapped . Pretty big change from the flat black but I am really liking the new look! Thanks to Dirt Alliance and A&M Graphics !
  6. AZmxer

    Losi vs. Axial Comp crawlers

    Some fun at a local park in AZ
  7. AZmxer

    Gopro Lucas Oil Regional video

    Some video from Lucas Oil Round #3 . We had cameras set up for front facing,rear facing, and suspension views . They brought back the nasty mogul section at speedworld and it produced a bunch of crashes. Should be interesting in two weeks with LOORS out there if they leave them. My Ibeams loved...
  8. AZmxer

    Axial Trail Honcho..Scale crawler

    Got to test out the Axial Trail Honcho. Thing is a blast !!
  9. AZmxer

    Mint 400 Qualifying video

    Some of qualifying from Thursday
  10. AZmxer

    Lucas Oil Regional/ASCC round 2 @ Firebird Video

    Another great race put on by the Lucas Oil Regional series/ASCC here in AZ at Firebird International Raceway ! More and more entries every race. The new Stock Mini and popular Stock Full classes are growing crazy too. I hear Vance is building a Stock Mini?? That would be awesome, and we may have...
  11. AZmxer

    Ken Block Traxxas Fiesta

    Pretty fun car ! First RC thats not a offroad truck
  12. AZmxer

    SNORE 2010 Season Video/pics

    Just a short clip highlighting each of the 6 races for the 2010 SNORE series. Wish I had more time because I had to cut out a bunch to make it fit!
  13. AZmxer

    RATR Road crossing 1 video

    Sunday 1450 race
  14. AZmxer

    Rhino donuts in empty shop
  15. AZmxer

    SNORE 250 Video...Pahrump,Nv

    Awesome race!!! We had a huge lead in 1450 and at mile 103 lost a spindal snout and wheel came flying off !! Got on the radio to have SNORE bring us parts but CJ Hutchins just crashed and they were helping there and could not bring our parts out. A yellow 10 car( I think # 1026) let my pit...
  16. AZmxer

    R/C truck videos in HD

    Just a few HD videos from the last few weeks. Big break in the SNORE series so ive been bored! All video is from a few backyard tracks in AZ.
  17. AZmxer

    Caliente 250 video

    Here is some of my incar footage from Caliente. What a fun race!!Video is clips of passes, crashes, 3 wheeling cars, and water crossings(we went slow). My little laptop was not liking the HD , so its in regular definition. We ended up second for the day in our class and could of had a shot at...
  18. AZmxer

    Looking for truck #8118 from MINT

    Im am looking for these guys to thank them for letting me use parts off their truck getting me to the finish line and a win in 1450!! could not have done it without the parts they let us use.They were truck #8118 a yellow F-150, So please if anyone knows how to get in touch with them please let...
  19. AZmxer

    **BAP #1418 incar HD video** VS. 71 trucks!

    Had a great race on Saturday!! here are the first 10 minutes. Lots of traffic to pass and you cant waiste any time if you want a decent finish. We ended up 2nd for the day but DNF on last lap Sunday. We also ran Heavy Metal and placed 2nd which I was very happy for our team. I was a little...
  20. AZmxer

    Glamis truck jump Halloween

    A video clip of me jumping my truck this weekend out by Gecko loop!! The jump was not a big as last year but still really fun YouTube - Glamis #1418 truck jump