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  1. OR2BAJA

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    Who would you guys have install your race radio. Gen 2 raptor. I have messed around with installs in the past but there is a lot if technology built in these trucks and would like a true pro to do the work.
  2. OR2BAJA

    Dearest Robby

    Philly Phil Phil!
  3. OR2BAJA

    JCR withdrawing from SCORE in 2014

    Sucks to think JCR won't be in Baja but I hope it means bigger and better things for the JCR team.
  4. OR2BAJA

    Ensenada Toll Road just collapsed!!!

    Gnarly! It's a miracle that more of the highway has not headed towards the ocean.
  5. OR2BAJA

    Spectating baja 1000

    Go down to Coco's and buy some beer and then head to el crucero or continue to the pacific.
  6. OR2BAJA

    Baja 1000 Racers and Pit Crews

    No passport cards for air travel even if it is a medieval situation. A good idea is to have a high quality color scanned copy of your passport and have that laminated that way it is protected.
  7. OR2BAJA

    Let's keep them honest

    Progression and consistency!
  8. OR2BAJA

    BUMP and RUN - Instruction VIDEO - how NOT to do it!

    Glad to hear the two parties are resolving the issues at hand!
  9. OR2BAJA

    BUMP and RUN - Instruction VIDEO - how NOT to do it!

    I can't take credit for the video but I thought it you all would enjoy!
  10. OR2BAJA

    "bobs son" Doing what he does best @ V2R

    People will always hate the champ. I think Bj getting out of the truck takes some real balls and was a very safe decision.
  11. OR2BAJA

    Robby Gordon V2R VIDEO: 2nd OVERALL

    RG is the man!
  12. OR2BAJA

    BUMP and RUN - Instruction VIDEO - how NOT to do it!

    KK in his purest form= FAIL!
  13. OR2BAJA

    BJ Baldwin Ready for War

    So much hatred for champions!
  14. OR2BAJA

    VIDEO- Building a race truck

    Great looking truck to build a race truck off of. Keep it up!
  15. OR2BAJA

    Rally fighter

    It may have those travel numbers but it sure as heck don't feel like it... Not comfortable at all. People get really hung up on travel numbers but it's all about how that travel works!
  16. OR2BAJA

    Rally fighter

    The are pretty sketchy to drive, mainly the rear end when it cycles it really pushes the car around.
  17. OR2BAJA

    Ferry from Baja to US

    I agree ^^^^
  18. OR2BAJA

    Raptor vs. Ram Runner Part #1

    I would not mind owning a Raptor in the slightest. Well I have a loaded Laramie so I am in to the truck alone around the cost of a loaded raptor but there is a Cummins under the hood and they have a significant cost added. What is great about the Carli system is that it's the only Radius Arm or...
  19. OR2BAJA

    Raptor vs. Ram Runner Part #1

    The rumor has been in the works for a while. Fiat also has similar sized diesels but Cummins is such a tried and true platform. There are so many diesel variants on the international level and in europe there are levels of diesel much like our octane levels here. I think there should be a...
  20. OR2BAJA

    Raptor vs. Ram Runner Part #1

    My Carli Radius Arm System allows for my Dodge Cummins to do all the things that the Raptor and Ram runner can do with the un beatable performance and reliability of the Cummins power plant and not to mention the capability tow a raptor and a ram runner to the desert and then go charge and...