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  1. OR2BAJA

    Lost hydro bump

    Hey guys I was out near Yerington on Sat and took the race course (2011) up the hill out of town down into the valley and lost a hydro bump. Not 100% sure it was in that area but somewhere on the course, I would appreciate it a lot if you guys would keep your eyes peeled for it. It's a custom...
  2. OR2BAJA

    5.4l and Trans Question and Opinion

    Back in 2001 I bought a 2000 dark blue 5.4l f150 4x4 and was by far my favorite truck but sadly sold it to help pay for an education. I am currently looking at buying a 2wd F150 of that era and I am finding some killer deals but with very high mileage so I was wondering if you guys could give...
  3. OR2BAJA

    Soltek LaPaz upgrade help.

    Hey guys I just recently bought 3 LaPaz's to replace 3 Hella 4k's that I loved. I bought the Solteks to upgrade them to HID and most importantly to have the ballast inside. Baja Designs sells the 35 watt upgrade for a small fortune but I want 55w ballasts housed inside the housing. Anyone done...
  4. OR2BAJA

    Need rooms in Ensenada!

    We got a couple extra people comin down so I was wondering if anyone had a line on room or two in Ensenada? Any help or info would be awesome. Thanks guys!
  5. OR2BAJA

    Radio Freq's Lists?

    I have the very complete Mag7 freq's list but does anyone have a more complete list of freq's. I feel that you can never have enough simply for the what if factor! Thanks for the help guys!!!
  6. OR2BAJA

    Tool Bags?

    I would like to see what you guys recommend for storing tools in a pick up. I am looking at the Master Craft tool bag- I am also looking at dirt bagz- I am planning on taking an impact wrench...
  7. OR2BAJA

    Hella 4K wiring question

    I have three hella wired through one hella wiring kit. I am wanting to upgrade to the 130w bulbs and I am not sure the wiring harness can handle it. I am wanting to retain only one switch and was wondering if you guys could give some recommendations! Thanks as always!
  8. OR2BAJA

    Lowrance XOG

    I just want to say thanks to you guys for all the heads up on this unit and to PCI for a great topo map. It worked really well during the race. It took a little while to get used too but it worked great. I do not recommend it as a day to day gps my girlfriends garmin is way better for that but...
  9. OR2BAJA

    Closest pemex diesel 2 Valle de trinidad?

    I am working race rescue between RM420 to RM470 and I am wondering where the closest pemex with diesel is gonna be? Thanks for the help as always!
  10. OR2BAJA

    HELLA 4000 Setup question

    I just bought a defiant light bar for my cummins. I decided after some contemplation to go with three hella 4000 xenon lights. On the ends I decided to go with euro beams and a pencil beam in the middle. What do you guy's think? Good setup?
  11. OR2BAJA

    Race Course Info Question?

    I need some race course information. I am going to be working race rescue between race mile 430 and 470 passing through Ejido! I am wondering what kind of terrain I am going to be facing. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! My crew that is going down will be all over the...
  12. OR2BAJA

    Fuel in Baja?

    Can anybody give me a heads up on PEMEX diesel prices lately?
  13. OR2BAJA

    GPS mount for third Gen. Cummins???

    Does any one have pics of their gps mounted inside the cab? Thanks for the help!
  14. OR2BAJA

    Lowrance XOG

    I was hoping you guy's could give me a good heads up on the Lowance XOG! I will be using it to find the race course for the one thousand. I am a race medic and have relied on maps in the past but I want to upgrade to something that I can use in mexico. Also what other programs will in need...
  15. OR2BAJA

    PCI Radios

    I am looking at getting a race radio for myself and was wondering if anyone else is using the Icom chase package from PCI? I have used other radios and had them programed with all the major channels for score races. My question is that it is a lot of money for two or three times a year that I am...
  16. OR2BAJA

    What up Guys?

    I just wanted to give a shout to all the folks here at race-dezert!!! I'm stoked to get some insight on a sport that is second to none!!!