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    Congrats to 1609

    Our heartiest kudos to David Rubalcava and Stevie Cruz for their big win in the 1/2 1600 class. Their time was FAST and they raced clean. Pre-running does make a difference! Good job guys, I know you've been tryin'. Also, a shout to Miguel Cortez and his first SCORE finish. This guy is a...
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    Entry Fee for PC main pit??

    Not trying to start a brawl here, but when I was in El Centro this week, I heard a RUMOR that the entry fee into Main Pit infield spectator area was giong to be $ 80.00 per head. Does anyone know if this is accurate? I'm JUST ASKING!
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    What happened to post race tech?

    It came up in a conversation the other day that the 1st place 1600 was not touched in a post race inspection. When our car got in, we were right next to both 1st & 2nd, and they completely together. After the 1000 last year in La Paz, Savage took us completely apart. I mean ALL the way down...
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    What's the 1000 buzz out there?

    Kinda suprised with the lack of comment or chatter about the 1000 course. Is everyone still trying to absorb it, or are they still in shock! Kudos to SCORE for a creative, and VERY challenging course for this race. Need to have out s--t wired tight for this one. It looks like finishing this race...
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    Is this the DRAW???

    Am I assed up here or is THIS the actual draw list for the 1000? WTF???
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    JEEZ! Race Fees pretty steep.

    Well, I really gotta ask. Do the race entry fees seem awfully high, or is it just me? I mean $ 2700.00 for a 9,5-1600, and 11? How about $2950.00 for a 1/2 1600? What in the world is going on here? Is there an agenda that I'm not seeing? I mean what could the folks at SCORE and Mr. Norman be...
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    Mexican Highway Speed Limits

    O.K; now that the race is over, winners announced, I gotta bring up the last minute speed limit laid on the racers at the driver's meeting. I knew, along with others at the meeting, that this was bad news. Without diving into ALL of the CONS, ( no PROS on this one ) I observed some of the bikes...
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    Views on Baja 1000

    Just got back from La Paz on Wednesday and I want to share our views on the 1000. Hats off (really) to the Rob Archibald Team. You guys ran a great race, we chased you guys for 850 miles. So very sorry you didn't make it in. Don't get too down over the deal. I can't say enough about the...
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    Rooms in La Paz

    Wow, I went to book rooms in La Paz and man, everything on the net comes back "Sold Out"! Any leads out there on hotels or condo's for rent? Anywhere but that place out at the commercial marina, it not too good.
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    Luke the Hammer!

    Just got back from Ensenada, and my first chance to congratulate Luke Mac for his oh so impressive win at the 1000. It seems your strategy paid off, coming from the back to but the bag on everyone. We were hanging in there till fuel pump problems, but wow boy!, did you TEAR IT UP! You did your...
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    Only 5 1600's so far for San Felipe???

    I know the Battle at Primm is this wekend, but WTF, only 5 guys in the draw? Can't believe that more haven't signed up for the funnest race in Mehico! P.S. Hey Luke, saw Danny R. in the bar in ElCentro last night and he said they signed up yesterday. Mission accomplished!
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    Congrats to the Velazco Bros.

    Cathy and Fred would like to congratulate the Velazco Bros. at Terra Off Road Motorsports for a great and weird 2010 season. They were awarded another Toyota Milestone Award, and along with the win at the Baja 1000 in 1600, it made it ALL worthwhile. Not sure, but we were told of the 13...
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    taem Terra win. Just got back from La Paz

    Just wanted to say thanks to the kind post on RDC by our peers. Our first win in 12 years of trying was a big first. Along with the Toyota long miler award ( # 2 ) we had an EVENTFULL season. Thanks to all of our Class competetors and friends. You guys are what makes this Class very special. We...
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    Help w/info on Loreto

    Hey 1000 guys, in all of our years pre running we have never stayed in Loreto. Can anyone suggest a hotel, with a good bar ( a must ), a good place to eat, and most important a good club?
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    Expect to some BIG changes

    Although our race team does not race in MDR, MORE, or BITD and only SCORE, our team offers our deepest condolences to the families of the victims, and also to all in the above listed race leagues. But in my dealings with BLM regarding land use issues, BE PREPARED! Have an open mind, and be as...
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    Too bad I can't count!

    Sorry group, I screwed the old pooch. So I'll start over. Congrats to the Duran Family on their gret win in Baja at the 1000. Also it looks like the Durans are champs by 1 Point! Awesome! Great racing and battles this past year with all of you in 1600 and looking forward to next season...
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    Brian Wilson-1/2 1600 Champ?

    Looks like Brian Wilson will be 1600 class champion. Great job Wilson's! Great season and great 1000 battle w/Duran. Will see you all at Laughlin with our new single seater! Fred, Arturo, Abel, and the reat of the Terra racing gang.
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    How does Rally Tracker handle dead car?

    Does anyone knoe the exact proceedure for the IRC device handles a car that loses an alternator and goes dead? I think Dave Capsino may have lost an alternator at Primm, and made it in but was DNF due to no signal from IRC. Is this accurate, or did we hear wrong info?
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    Hi there! My name is Fred

    After the 500, just had to join in!
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    Tougher and tougher

    It's getting harder to race in Mexico every year. Sal has to deal with landowner who DO NOT want racer " taking there own line". Wake up people, the course is the course!