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  1. hambone155

    Building my own fiberglass body ...over my steel cab

    along with that last post, i seen some pics on tacoma world of your truck HUCK'in it up!
  2. hambone155

    Rod end questions

    tight i think is a good thing i just did the ones on my tacoma and they were loose as heck, if you held them upside down they would just move if i moved the arm. if you hear grinding i would try and lube them. if not im sure they are sealed so i would leave them be. white litium grease is what i...
  3. hambone155

    Camber & Toe on rear trailing arms??

    check tire pressure? i didnt know if that was said yet but i work at a dealership, and 9 times out of 10 when tires go bad fast is from over inflation.
  4. hambone155

    record jump
  5. hambone155

    record jump

    i do not know if anyone has posted this but world record jump from hot wheels at indy <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> so i figured it would be this amazing truck driver if you dont know who he is...
  6. hambone155

    My take on Fiberglass Fender building

    that blue just pop's man. good choice. how long did it take you to put them together?
  7. hambone155


    for stuff like that, i used crushed walnut on my cr 125s frame. it wont pit it out. if you do it your self, like he said silica is bad stuff. lowes home depot sell non silica sand. not spacificly for blasting but when im bs'ing in the shop and got some thick paint on something i use cheep stuff...
  8. hambone155

    Building my own fiberglass body ...over my steel cab

    SICK! dont like the color but the fiberglass is looking clean. i went to school for body work and stuff like this kicks the crap out of what the told us in the class.
  9. hambone155

    SC Toyota Pickup

    sick! i got a 95.5 taco what color you doing?
  10. hambone155

    welder choice

    any retailers carry it in store?
  11. hambone155

    tubing bender

    i know im new here but i use a harbor fright bender. personally i dont mind it but i looked at the jd bender and thats nice for 300. the way i get the best bends if i "cheat" i get mandrel style bends by filling my tubing with wet sand that i recycle for my sand blasting. you can use some thick...
  12. hambone155

    welder choice

    i used to have access to a nice miller and Lincoln welder but now due to some family problems i am out to get mine. i want a nice miller tig setup but dont have the cash. i looked at a hobart mig 210 and i was wondering if anyone has one and would recommend it. ive done plenty of...
  13. hambone155

    BAJA 1000 volenteer.

    my name is dan hamilton. im a mechanical engineering student at a small school in nebraska. i just joind this site. noobie. i have allways been fond of the baja and dakar. i became fasinated with the desert scene when i was 13 and went to glamis and ocotillo wells. seeing the TT's, and buggies...
  14. hambone155

    dan hamilton

    from omaha nebraska love offroad racing work at the baseball stadium thats hosts the college world series every year. rosenblatt stadium Groundcrew.
  15. hambone155


    my name is dan hamiton from the midwest and i really want to get involved in offroad racing one. nascar is boring! and thats all we have around here. two. formula one and moto gp are to far from the states (except the two rounds of moto gp) i go to three. its way B.A.