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  1. Torchmate

    Congrats to #7286 Dave Caspino for the Class 7200 Series Win

    I just wanted to say congratulations to Dave and his entire team for their class 7200 series win. I was glad to see you at the finish line in Henderson after hearing about the crash. You guys are always tough and that truck is amazing. We had a blast mixing it up with you all year. Nice work!!!
  2. Torchmate

    How excited were you before your first Baja 1000?

    All of you have been there. I have dreamed of running the Baja 1000 my entire life. After growing up riding dirtbikes and racing a little motocross, the Baja 1000 sat on a pedestal. To me it was the pinnacle of offroad motorsports and something I could only dream about. I told myself that...
  3. Torchmate

    First win for Torchmate Racing's #7231 at SS 300

    I bought our 7200 truck from Gary Turner about a year ago. We have had our share of lessons as we have learned how to both drive and prep the truck. For the Silver State 300 our team finally came together and pulled out a win. What a great race! This was my co-rider and I’s first solo race...
  4. Torchmate

    Baja 500 2009 In Car Video from Torchmate #703

    Here is the first 7-8 minutes split between two videos. I have video through BFG Pit 1 and then about 20 minutes or so more. Some parts get pretty dusty, but once we pass it clears up. YouTube - Baja 500 2009 in car video, Torchmate Class 7 #703 Start YouTube - Baja 500 2009, Torchmate #703...
  5. Torchmate

    Baja 500, Take open or enclosed trailers?

    Are we better off taking open flatbed trailers for prerunner and race truck or the big enclosed one? I heard that you have to completely unload at the checkpoints if it is enclosed, but seems like everything is awfully exposed in the pickups and on the flatbed. Anybody have some guidance...
  6. Torchmate

    Cutting parts for free at Primm viewed as spam?

    The thread telling teams that we would cut free parts for them at Primm was deleted as being spam. Heaven forbid that we try to do something nice for people. Thanks to those of you that voiced appreciation!
  7. Torchmate

    Torchmate CNC Plasma Table at Primm. Need something cut??

    Draw it up! CAD drawing, cardboard cutout, photo, napkin, whatever. We plan on bringing a large enough generator to do some actual cutting at Primm. The system will be cutting out a BITD logo or something unless you need parts cut. If you need brackets or tabs or anything else, then just...
  8. Torchmate

    Torchmate Racing #7231 Headed to Parker

    Here are some pictures of the truck just before we loaded it on the trailer. We picked it up from Shaffer's last night. It hit the road this morning. New body, bumpers, relocated transmission cooler, new lights, relocated spare tires and jack, straightened rear axle housing, straightened and...
  9. Torchmate

    Team Torchmate Headed for Henderson in Class 7200

    We will be headed down to Henderson tomorrow for our first race in our new (new to us) Class 7 truck. Our truck is actually Craig Turner's old Class 7 rig. A little bit nervous about mixing it up with the big boys in Race #3. We could not be any more excited. All of my experience has been in...
  10. Torchmate

    Hello, my name is Torchmate

    My real name is Bill Kunz and I own Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems. I have run a couple of desert races this year in the Shaffer's Offroad Jeepspeed. My first race was Vegas to Reno. I also ran the Silver State race in Mesquite. I have to admit that I have fallen in love. I have been rock...