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  1. JpRacing

    Project T100 being built @ THE TRUCK SHOP uploaded some cell phone pics today. Sorry the quality is so bad. T100 is a few days away from being done. Can't wait to get it home.
  2. JpRacing

    1403 Testing

    YouTube - Project Burniz 1403 Day Test First time out on the new suspension. Austin(Fabricators) first time driving Jeromy Burnitz's truck. I would say he was at about 30%. Everything worked excellent. Much improved from the bolt on kit.
  3. JpRacing

    Why are so many people racing 1450 instead of 1400?

    There are plenty of trucks in MDR that should be racing in the 1400 class that choose to race 1450. Why? Is it really the extra $100? Do they not want to run the extra laps? Im not trying to start any arguments or pass any judgment. I am just curious as to why there are only selected trucks...
  4. JpRacing

    Hello My name is Ryan

    I have been involved in the off-road community for over 10 years. I am a co-piolt and team manger for the 1403 race truck.