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  1. Dezert Razer 77

    Who in the world ????????????

    i'll take my guess of the mistery guy being Jimmie Johnson.
  2. Dezert Razer 77

    Who will be the first person for the 2012 Camburg Racing...

    Eduardo Laguna RPM Racing/Speed Energy FTW
  3. Dezert Razer 77

    flying shoe! san felipe 250

    what he said LOL
  4. Dezert Razer 77

    "bajalites" are born.....spy photos.....yes this truck just won the Mint 400.........

    Re: "bajalites" are born.....spy photos.....yes this truck just won the Mint 400..... Race Report???
  5. Dezert Razer 77

    2004 FORD Sport Trac build

    dude! that thing its perfect! keep the good work.
  6. Dezert Razer 77

    #104 Booby Trap Crash Baja 250 2012

    man Transwest Team it's a booby trap magnet, first the 1000 now on San Felipe, that blows.
  7. Dezert Razer 77

    First woman trophy truck driver in score?

    she's from San Diego and right now living in ensenada, her husband use to race a class 1 with huge letters saying PIRRON racing, and no they didnt have a good race the engine blew at around mile 60ish and only damen got to drive the new truck,well wath you expect from a new truck the gremlins...
  8. Dezert Razer 77

    BJ Baldwin Videos

    yeah i think they love him.
  9. Dezert Razer 77

    Winner in San Felipe what type of TT

  10. Dezert Razer 77

    This is what happens when you try 2 STEAL THE SDHQ TRAILER!!!

    Best story ever dude! i imagine everything in my head and it sound like a bada$$ adventure! glad you got most of you're stuff back.
  11. Dezert Razer 77

    who built this?

    but who's the owner? are they going to race it or are they keep in it as a prerunner?
  12. Dezert Razer 77

    who built this?

    saw this on facebook and i was wondering, who built this? is it a class 5 or a class 10? i cant figure out the front suspension, i cant tell if it's a-arm or beams. but the car has style. \m/
  13. Dezert Razer 77

    Need Help!

    yeah i knew someone was going to make fun of me lol. but dont care i love offroad like nothing else but i cant make my compass a prerunner so i thought why not lower it so i can ride low and slow. plus it was just a question.
  14. Dezert Razer 77

    Need Help!

    hello guys, im trying to do something different, im trying to lower my 2008 jeep compass and im just wondering if the srt4 caliber coilovers will fit the compass, because i cant find anything for my compass. anything helps.
  15. Dezert Razer 77

    Robby Gordon in a Geiser.

    from now on geiser its going to put a sticker in every truck saying ROBBY GORDON PROOF. \m/
  16. Dezert Razer 77

    Where are they now

    ran the 2010 baja 1000 in class 1
  17. Dezert Razer 77

    Dirt 2

    kekKee21 i always play clean, not like the other guys that cant refuse to lose.
  18. Dezert Razer 77

    This is how I like to remember Laughlin! (1997-2004 video)

    man, i would loved to go to an old laughlin race, 2 years ago i was so bumed because its not the same as baja.