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  1. Kcooper2598

    Wheel lug question

    Trying to replace 5/8-18 lug with 1/2-20. Hubs came with rear end. But replacing wheel studs and cannot find anything that works for weeks. Which option is easier? 1) enlarge feont lugs to 5/8 and machine 6 wheels. 2)reduce rear lugs to 1/2 to match front and wheels?
  2. Kcooper2598

    Ranger fuel cell

    First off, i understand this info may already excist. Fairly new to forums. Stock lines are still installed. What is easiest way to plumb fuell cell for ranger? Is stock pump an option?
  3. Kcooper2598

    Ranger 4 link clearence

    Just a quick question on what is "normal." Installing links on 97 ranger and it seems like lower part of C frame will hut upper link. Is it normal to trim the frame a little?
  4. Kcooper2598

    1997 ranger build

    This is first build. Admitted novice to fabrication/builds so polite criticism is appreciated. Start- Totally stock 1997 2wd ranger. 4.0 Current- front arms have +6 threat beams and double cross steering. Rear is threat 4 link. Cab is currently being caged by myself. Rear end is ford 9 inch...
  5. Kcooper2598

    Hello, my name is coop

    New to forums. Rode dirt bikes for 10 years or so then bought a 4 seat turbo rzr for family. Sold it now working on first truck build. Working on 1997 ranger. Bought it totally stock but its now --cab cage in the works -threat +6 equal length beams -double cross steering -threat 4 link...