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  1. Dezert Razer 77

    who built this?

    saw this on facebook and i was wondering, who built this? is it a class 5 or a class 10? i cant figure out the front suspension, i cant tell if it's a-arm or beams. but the car has style. \m/
  2. Dezert Razer 77

    Need Help!

    hello guys, im trying to do something different, im trying to lower my 2008 jeep compass and im just wondering if the srt4 caliber coilovers will fit the compass, because i cant find anything for my compass. anything helps.
  3. Dezert Razer 77

    Honda Pilot 7200/6??

    found this on the facebook from Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and found this pictures of what it looks like a Class 7200/Class 6 Honda Pilot, but my question is who built it?,and when is it going to hit dirt on a bitd,score,snore,ect race?? looks sweet.
  4. Dezert Razer 77

    Since when Andy McMillin sings?

    WTF!!??? i was at my cousins house and saw her looking at this Jesse McCartney i saw him and i was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM Bebo have some moves LOL, does scott had a missing child that we did knew about...
  5. Dezert Razer 77

    And another one!

    so this is like the 3rd herman class 1 that burn's to the ground. sad to see the ex-farris motorsport class 1 like this. here's a picture from todays race 2 mares 500.
  6. Dezert Razer 77

    Going,Going, GONE!

    and she off to a city far far away, im going to miss this buggy in action in baja :(:(
  7. Dezert Razer 77

    Wilson Motorsports CARNAGE!

    i found this picture on the web of wilson motorsports, and DANG! this looks like a hard hit but this looks like a different jimco car, where was this at?:confused:
  8. Dezert Razer 77

    new 1nsane stuff

    here's some new stuff for the 1nsane hope you like them Cops Racer Class 1 Bj's Stout TT Jesse James Geiser TT Riot's Prerunner Rick Jonhson TT that strange 1400 moma's car LOL Bebo's TT old Scaroni's TT Curt LeDuc's old cherokee TT
  9. Dezert Razer 77

    Just found this

    i was just diggin on my old stuff in my room and i ran into this old toy car i used to play with i think its the old robby gordons truck :rolleyes: tell me if im wrong and sorry about the poor picture quality from my phone how about you put your own what you think? i know...
  10. Dezert Razer 77

    Someone is ready for the NORA Mexican 1000

    old betsy is baaaack and she looks in good shape:rolleyes:
  11. Dezert Razer 77

    Vroom Vroom?

    haha lol this kid can really make vroom vroom sounds
  12. Dezert Razer 77

    best spot to be?

    well 1st time ever going to san felipe and i want to know were can i enjoy some real cool carnage :rolleyes:
  13. Dezert Razer 77

    Need a room @ san felipe

    trying to find a room and sanfelipe but dont know were to get one first time going down there anything can help :D thanx
  14. Dezert Razer 77


    well im nw at the r/c thing yesterday was my lucky day and canidae gave away 2 LOSI mini desert buggy's and guess what? I WON!!!:D but today i was testing the little bastard jump a little bump and broke the front spindle but i dont know where to find that part can someone help me...
  15. Dezert Razer 77

    Need a room @ laughlin

    i need a room for laughlin witch hotel you think is good to stay?
  16. Dezert Razer 77

    questioon 4 people going to baja

    i know its a little too late too ask but in which hotel it's the best to stay neer all the maihem? (how ever it spell's)
  17. Dezert Razer 77

    Heide Stelee's TT debut **VIDEO**

  18. Dezert Razer 77

    A little australian off-road

    Here's a video of the past Finke race at australia it's a nice video Hope you Like it
  19. Dezert Razer 77

    Best Geiser TT?

    watching videos and picture's of al the Geiser TT's this got me thinking and here's the question whitch of all the Geiser ever built it's the best? on my side i think that Garron's truck :D so whitch one do you think is the best Geiser?
  20. Dezert Razer 77

    old rough riders poster's

    i found this 2 poster's on a mexican forum and dang!!! there F'ing awesome ii think there older then me =P here they are hope you like them