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  1. Bajabnd

    Need Help! Dog Friendly Hotels in Reno

    Going to Reno, need some help finding budget friendly dog hotels in Reno. The hotels we have talked to are being pains in the ass!
  2. Bajabnd

    Best Casinos in Tahoe

    I am trying to figure out where to stay next month, just sightseeing and gambling. Never been up to Tahoe just trying to see where everybody else has had a great time. Where should I book a room? Thanks, Mike
  3. Bajabnd

    50:1 odds wins the Derby

    Anybody have any money on Mine That Bird?
  4. Bajabnd

    Subaru pulls out of 2009 WRC

    Thats gotta hurt a little....;_ylt=AqHULhXisaKoWZr.9PcaCRzov7YF?slug=ap-wrc-subarupullout&prov=ap&type=lgns
  5. Bajabnd

    It went to a 5 dog eat off...

    Tied at 59 in 10 min..
  6. Bajabnd

    Best Hotel in Rosarito?

    A girlfriend of mine is coming down from the bay area the wkend after next, she wants to stay at the "best" hotel in Rosarito.... Which one???
  7. Bajabnd

    Housing market...

    I was wondering if and how the downturn in the market is affecting the off-roaders...
  8. Bajabnd

    Well,” said Trouble, “it's because we are French.”

    Tony T just sent this out, Love the quote.
  9. Bajabnd

    photo & video question

    What are you guys using? not for apple... still photo to movies with slideshow with text......pc use What works the best..
  10. Bajabnd


    Why is so hard to find a way to advertise a business?
  11. Bajabnd

    Death Race

    Anybody have one?
  12. Bajabnd

    Bmw 450?

    Does anybody have any inside info on this bike? Seems pretty interesting if BMW would enter this field...
  13. Bajabnd

    Portable satellite TV

    I think I need one...
  14. Bajabnd

    What is the best crf450 for Mexico

    Hey ....Help been out of the the bike seen for a while, just wondering what years are the best for Mex... racing and prerunning...and what set up works for this Honda. We're Kawi guys thinking about switching any help???
  15. Bajabnd

    Kx 500 Movie Bike

    I was going to do the same thing to my 500.....
  16. Bajabnd


    I am Mike, pit ***** for charlie(always racing) and Martin(AGM), but b4 i can see how martin did in the primm race I have to post here......