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  1. atpalmer

    Lucerne Valley gps files

    I put together a gps file with some of the main roads in Lucerne. This is purely based off google earth so the accuracy will be ballpark. The zip has Lowrance & Garmin formats Hope this helps. The More race file is here
  2. atpalmer

    RV Engine blowing oil through exhaust.

    I Have a 1987 Ford E350 chassis motorhome with the 7.5L Carburated engine with headers. On the last trip to Pismo Dunes the oil filter cracked and the oil pressure dropped while i limped it off the highway into a gas station. After I replaced the filter it ran fine with no noticable loss of...
  3. atpalmer

    VW TDI Racing Series

    Check out the VW TDI racing series on speed channel. It's road racing but it has Arciero,Miller, & Sal Fish in it.
  4. atpalmer

    Obama & McCain on Land-use

    Has Obama or McCain made any publlic statements or have a past vosting record on land use issues? I am not interested in political opinions or speculation. I just don't want to vote for somebody who will hurt the off-road community. Please keep this thread limited to the facts.
  5. atpalmer

    Mint 400 Video Clip

    This is a fun clip I put together of the Mint 400, specifically the nasty turn with the hole that swallowed a bug. Make sure your speakers are on because it has some interesting audio. YouTube - Bow Chikka Wow Wow
  6. atpalmer

    Parker 425 2008 Video Clips

    I am uploading short clips of many vehicle to YouTube. I will be uploading more in a few days. Go to the youtube page for a collection of videos. Here is a sample of Car # 1546YouTube - 2008 Parker 425 # 1546
  7. atpalmer

    Parker 425 Volunteers available

    Me and my partener are building a class 1 buggy. In the meantime we want to get some track experience. We plan on attending the parker 425 and we can help out with pit support. If your team needs a couple more able bodies give me a call. my email is @ gmail dot com
  8. atpalmer

    Co-Driver's role

    I am looking for information about the co-driver's role in a baja style race. I will be co-driving in a new car with a new driver. Is there any standars format or technique for calling turns and hazards. Are there any books, courses, videos where i can learn the details about co-driving and...
  9. atpalmer

    Hello my name is Andrew Palmer

    - How you got into desert racing. friends dragged me to the dunes, then i got hooked - How you have found this website. google - What vehicle you play with. bikes, quads, VW sand buggy - Your future plans in respect to desert racing. Baja 1000, Local Bartsow races in Open Class buggy. -...