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  1. OffRoadGeorge

    Reduce the BLM budget! I like what he has to say! Pass this on to all outdoor enthusiasts!
  2. OffRoadGeorge

    Insurance when not racing

    Do you have insurance on your race buggy / car for times when you are not racing. Obviously no insurance other than USAA during a race. I ask as I was turned down by State Farm for any coverage. For example do you have insurance for liability if your out testing in Barstow, and have an...
  3. OffRoadGeorge

    Radiator Overflow or Not

    Hi I bought a Ultra 4 Buggy with a LS2 from Turnkey in it. It does not have a radiator overflow. They sealed the port the overflow would normally go to. Do you run an overflow? Is it important to have one? Even if the car doesn't overheat?
  4. OffRoadGeorge

    Holy Moly Racing KOH press release

    Holy Moly Racing George Kane Pushes Limits at 2013 King of the Hammers LONG BEACH, CA FEBRUARY 25, 2013: Holy Moly Racing and George Kane may not be common names among those at the King of the Hammers, but their intent and enthusiasm put them at the 2012 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge...
  5. OffRoadGeorge

    Insulation / heat shield

    What is the most effective heat shield? Our Ultra 4 car has real hot firewall and floor. the mufflers, headers and pipes are wrapped in standard header wrap now.
  6. OffRoadGeorge

    We need to take action to protect our areas

    Racers, While everyone can agree it is simply horrible what happened, wish it did not... but IMHO we need to start writing letters to Governor Schwarzenegger, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, BLM etc…. they are listening to the LA Times and the environmentalist. I drafted this as a start for...
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    Alternator at 15 volts ok?

    Just replaced the alternator on the car, it came with a smaller pulley than the old burned out one that was on the car. So we put the larger pully on the new alternator. When we start the car the gauge reads 15V. The old one never went over 14V and usually hovered around 13-13.5V. Both...
  8. OffRoadGeorge

    No spiral lock on axel? Pro’s / Con’s

    I have 934.5 Pro-Am mid board hubs on my 1 car. The shop prepping the CV’s told me that this is the first car they have seen without a spiral lock on the hub side axel. I believe it has always been like this…and Kartek confirmed that it is a preference. What are the pro’s and con’s to...
  9. OffRoadGeorge

    Seat Safety thanks RDZ!

    Can find the thread but a few months back saw a thread on seat recertification after a few years or an accident. So I had the seats out of the car and called Red-Art (Beard) to see if they would check them out. Tim over there said no problem and even sent a truck to pick them up. Great...
  10. OffRoadGeorge

    Bump Stops on a buggy??

    Do you run bump stops for the rear of your buggy? I keep blowing seals on my king kongs and I suspect it is from bottoming out. The shocks eat whoops but on g-outs and jumps bottoms out… the King guys tuned them and I am going to tune them again, but am woundering if some bump stops would...
  11. OffRoadGeorge

    Baja TA tire pressure

    I’m running a class 1 buggy with BFG Baja TA’s (Projects) what tire pressure do you run? And Why? Front? Rear?
  12. OffRoadGeorge

    Dual battery charging question

    I have dual optima batteries plumed thru an isolator switch that can select battery #1, #2, both and off. I hooked up a trickle charger specially designed for optima batteries, 2amp to battery #2 directly to the posts. I assumed that the charger would charge both batteries and maintain them...
  13. OffRoadGeorge

    Header Coatings – where??

    Where do you recommend taking my headers for re-coating? Original coating is starting to have rust come thru in some spots.
  14. OffRoadGeorge

    Class 1 Pro-Am Brake bleeding questions

    I have the Pro-Am slotted rotors, new pads and calipers with a turning brake. We are having a terrible time to get the brakes bled properly, soft peddle and will not skid to a stop. We have bled the brakes probably 50 times, tried myself, then took it to the shop that built the car, he...
  15. OffRoadGeorge

    Best Bolts to use

    I am swapping out some of the bolts on my 1 Car. I am looking to use the best bolts for each application. For example I was told that class 9 bolts are too brittle for some applications. Looking for advice on best bolts to use for the following uses: 1) Shocks 2) Steering rod ends...
  16. OffRoadGeorge

    Torque for bolts

    I will be replacing rod ends, and damaged bolts on my Class 1. I am looking for guidance on proper torque settings during re-assembly and routine maintenance. We will use class 8 or F9 hardware. What are the proper torque settings for? Shock Mount bolts A-Arm bolts Bolts through rod...
  17. OffRoadGeorge

    Who makes the best rod ends?

    Going to replace several rod ends. Who makes the strogest? Where to buy? Thanks,
  18. OffRoadGeorge

    Pro Am Rear Hubs Question

    My hubs are leaking or melting out grease by the axel boots. It is not coming from the CV boots but where the bearings are. Does this mean a seal has gone bad? Or is this normal and I should just add more grease from the front zert? I bought this class 1 used and it just started to do...
  19. OffRoadGeorge

    Class 1 Sway Bar pros v cons

    I bought a used class one car and it used to have a sway bar on it. The previous owner said they just brake. The car does lean a lot. What are the pro’s verses con’s of putting a sway bar on a Class 1 Buggy? Do most racers with this type of car use one or not?
  20. OffRoadGeorge

    Fortin 4 speed wide gear questions

    I recently bought a used Hustler Concepts Class 1 Buggy with a Fortin 4 speed wide gear transaxle with torque converter. I’m looking for some guidance on temperatures and oil pressure from people who run this trans. First I find that it runs perfect 220 in first through 3rd gear, when you...