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  1. Pharaoh XJ

    Transaxle options ?

    Hi guys, a buddy is building a class 1 style buggy for rally raid here in Cairo, we have a rolling chassis but still need to decide on the powertrain. Our list include: A mild LS1 400hp & we are looking for a 5 speed sequential transaxle, we will be running 35s and the target weight is...
  2. Pharaoh XJ

    Semi-Trailing arm Geometry

    I am currently tackling the rear IRS trailing arm design for my buggy & I am trying to figure out what are the factors involved in trailing arm suspension design. At what angle (to the chassis) do you setup your trailing arms ? how does caster angle affects the handling of the car ( stability...
  3. Pharaoh XJ

    CV Plunge Demystified

    I heard a lot about 930 cv, with plunging & non plunging joints. I am working on a design & I cant seem to get more of 18" of travel at 25deg, 18" is ok with me, but when I looked at axle plunge I found around 2 1/4" of plunge per axle. I never found the specs of plunge of 930 (series 15...
  4. Pharaoh XJ

    Steering Idea

    I am trying to build a 10 car on budget but with the exchange rate I cant afford 2500 Howe rack :D so I thought of using a steering box with a slider held by bushings Do you guys think this might work, will the slider move freely ? will the bushings hold ? Also though of using a...
  5. Pharaoh XJ

    Uniball Mounting

    I have a question regarding uniball mounting I know that double sheer is better than single sheer & mounting the the uniball with a horizontal bolt is better than a vertical bolt so why do most trohy trucks/ 1 cars run a vertical uniball ?????? mounting a horizontal bolt + misalignment...
  6. Pharaoh XJ

    Bushings vs Heims ??

    I noticed that most A arm pivots are heims while rear trailing arms have Bushing on the inside & heims on the outside ?? Why most builders do not use bushings ( poly, Delrin, etc) + sleeve doesn't that make the pivot stronger against torsional load ( larger area ) ???
  7. Pharaoh XJ

    Caster vs Rake

    I have been working on an A-arm suspension & searched here on caster angle I found out that you can design you caster angle in the upright ( which i understand clearly ) or in the design of the arms ( that is what I dont get) which I am confusing with RAKE angle !! any help?
  8. Pharaoh XJ

    091/002 & 4.3 v6

    We are building a race car & its our 1st to build it has a 5rib transaxle (rebuild Stock) & a carbed chevy v6 (stock) Can this transaxle handle the V6 ??? its running stock type 2 CVs & is going to be seeing a lot of sand & dunes.
  9. Pharaoh XJ

    Desert Lens Color

    I am about to buy a pair of oakleys, used to have Black Iridium worked great but was a bit on the dark side. Which is the best lens for daytime desert driving ??
  10. Pharaoh XJ

    Pharaons International Rally 08

    This is one of the few remaining rallies (after the new dakar) that happen each year in north Africa around october. Pharaons is an FIA/FIM international cross country rally that circles the Egyptian sahara. This year 08 was the 25th edition of this rally, 7 stages 3000km of completely...
  11. Pharaoh XJ

    Coil Spring compressed length

    How can I calculate the minimum length ( compressed ) of a coil spring ?:confused:
  12. Pharaoh XJ

    Hello from EGYPT ^^^

    HI guys I Karim from Cairo & i m a fanatic jeeper own a 94 XJ The XC rally scene is getting bigger everyday here in egypt we have a couple of rallies here yearly Pharoes international rally pyramids raly Couple of guys race XJs here in egypt some...