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    Advice on radios

    Was wondering what in-car radio you all might recommend ?, thanks again for your help. if anyone has a used radio let me know, thanks.
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    Rear shock mount advice ?

    Im at the point that I need to mount the rear shocks (Fox), I bought the Empi shock mounts for swing axle cars, whats the best way to mount these, anyone have a pic, the tubes are from Mohr Performance (Great guy BTW) would it be better just to mount the shocks on the tubes, but will this put...
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    Question About Speedo Hole in Spindel

    Whats the best way of filling this hole, Again thanks to everyone for the advice, you have all been a great help in this build.
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    Tire size question.

    I know i have to use the 5" wide rim so whats the best tire size for front and rear, we are building this car in Pennsylvania, not alot of desert racing here, so Im really glad for all the help you guys give me, thanks again
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    Fuel cell question?

    was wondering what type and location you guys are using for your cells? any help would be great, Thanks
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    Thankyou Baja Pits

    just a word of thanks to the guys from Baja Pits, recently 3 friends and myself from the East coat were able to help Baja Pits at the Primm Score race, what a great buch of guys, very..very professional group, they taught us alot and made the trip to Vegs a fantastic one thanks again Carlos...
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    Axle tubes

    Was wondering if you guys ever used CM tubing for axle tubes, if so what thickness did you buy and is it a pain to do, thankyou in advance for all your help
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    Anyone looking for pit help at Primm

    Hi, were 4 racers from the East Coast (Pennsylvania) that are going to be attanding the SCORE Primm race, would love to help a team in the pits, we have experence, let me know if your interested, Thanks
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    NAPA air filter and plastic housing?

    I was told by a friend that he used to use a NAPA air filter with a plastic housing on his old buggy. he didnt know the part # or even what car/truck it was intended for, he said it kinda looked like the UMP filter/housing. Does anyone know of such a filter/housing, as always ,thanks in advance...
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    Ball Joint Stops ????

    Could someone please post a pic of there spindles with the ball joint stops welded in, I just wanna make sure i have them where they need to go, thanks in advance.
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    Rack & Pinion Advice ?

    Anyone have a brand or type of rack and pinion they like best? We need to order one for a new 2 seater class 9 car and thought we would ask the experts. Thanks in advance and happy Holidays.
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    What Spring Plates for a 9 car

    I take it you all use sway-a-way spring plates but do you all use the standard plate or the chromoly plate, thanks in advance for the help.:confused:
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    Entry List for SCORE Primm Event

    I was on the SCORE web site looking at the entry list for the upcoming Primm 300 in Vegas, the first thing i noticed was there are only 2 class nine cars on the list. I am currently building a class 9 car to run in SCORE events and was concerned why only 2 cars, im new to this and was wondering...
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    Anyone going to be at the Primm 300 ?

    Myself and a couple guys are going to Vegas to see the Primm race, just wondered if we could stop by your Pit and say hi.
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    Whats the best front beam? Type 1 or "Thing" Beam ?

    Was wondering what you guys use for front beams, I know the Thing beam is somewhat stronger but is it SCORE legal ? Im told the Thing beam give you 3" of additional grond clearence, and do you guys use any special leaves , Thanks in advance for all your help:)
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    Thoughts on the Chenowth Challenger chassis ?

    Myself and a group of guys are putting together a car for the Baja 1000 in 2007, we are going to the Score Primm 300 in Vegas this Sept., not with a car but just to get a feel of whats all involved. we were planning of buying a new Chenowth Challenger chassis and was wondering if anyone had any...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    just wanted to say Hi, Im Don Baitsell, were putting together a class 9 car for 2007... gonna try the Baja.