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  1. Jason S.

    Near vision

    I dont know if this has been posted before, but does anyone know if there is someone that makes a perscripted lens for a helmet that could be changed with different tints? Being in a single seat car its hard for me to look at a gps screen up close and at speed with blurred vision or glasses on...
  2. Jason S.

    Class 11 project

    My son and I are building a class11/daily driver. Any suggestions on rear suspension set up would be nice, we have a swingaxle trans, but the stock upper shock mounts have been cut off. We just got new FOX 2.0 shocks with a side mount on it, 18" eye to eye. Anyone who has any suggestions on how...
  3. Jason S.

    Parker test session

    My 14 year old son put a video together of us testing our 12 car and a friends 16 car. We are still working bugs out, but I was more impressed on the video footage and editing he did.
  4. Jason S.

    New Member

    Hello my name is Jason, I race class 1200 in snore mostly. I build daily driver to racing transaxles.