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    Hood Clips / latches

    Hey Guys, I am looking for clips for my TT hood. What are they called, and where can you get them online? Best regards, Justin
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    Australian 'Trophy Truck' Build. BMS#1.5

    Hi All, I thought it was about time I posted up my build. I bought the lower section etc.. off Blitzkrieg motor sports way back in 2010, with the intention of racing the Australian National series. Since then I met a girl (my now wife Paula), got married, built a house, built a shop and began...
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    An Aussie Looking for a Chev body for a TT. help please

    Hi all, I am building a TT (bms TT 1.5) and would like to order a Chev body this week. Front 91", rear 89", 125" WB. Like a quality product from a company that can arrange packaging (stacked on a treated pallet and shrink wrapped) and dropping off to a Depot in Long Beach CA. I am...
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    How to get hold of Boatec?

    Hey fellas, I am trying to get hold of Boatec - but as I live in Australia email is generally the best. Both their emails don't work - and Here is the email - incase someone here can help me. Thanks guys, Bru I am chasing a body for my BMS TT: I...
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    What Transmission for my BMS TT Project

    Hey Guys - Justin from Australia, I bought the lower half of a BMS TT last year and am about to fit a motor / trans. I have a few gearbox options in front of me. Racing in Aus is nothing like the US / Baja, and there are no suppliers for gearboxes such as Culhane, and the HP is way low due to...
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    Bru21 from Australia

    Started out riding bikes, got older and wiser - Bought a few 4x4's raced the 2007 outback4x4challenge, sold my race truck and started building a buggy after a trip to Baja. Searching for photo's Currently building a new buggy, ls2 6.0, atlas 3.8, IFS / IRS, 2.5 Fox coil, 2.5 fox triple...