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  1. Clabaugh55

    Timing Sheets

    Anyone know if there is a site that shows the timing sheets for practice, qualifying etc.if you miss the live timing? I'm mainly looking for pro buggy class. Lucas usually doesnt post that class on their instagram. I've tried searching every racers instagram i can think of and havent found...
  2. Clabaugh55

    T/K for race and play

    So I have been racing in the limited buggy class for the last 2 years and my son is going to be turning 5 soon and I want to get him a T/K so he can start getting comfortable to race JR1 in the near future. Now I know you have to be 8 to race at the regionals and I think FORE lets the kids race...
  3. Clabaugh55

    Dash badges

    I have seen a bunch of vehicles on here with some nice dash badges/switch labels and was wondering where they got them. I know Kartek and K4 sells some preprinted ones and I've tried using my label maker before but those dont last long. Looking for some nice ones to put on my truck and cant...
  4. Clabaugh55

    What air filter system are you running?

    I'm building a toyota truck with a ls1 in it to race class 1400 and I'm trying to figure out what filter setup I should run. I was going to do an ump style but I dont have any room up front after squeezing the motor in there and I also hear there not that great in flow so I'd have to run either...
  5. Clabaugh55

    New Member

    Hello My name is Steve. Ive been in offroading all my life and hope to use this forum to gain some knowledge and also to get info on whats going on in the offroad industry. thanks