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    Why you should replace your harnesses every two years.

    Hello, everyone. We get a lot of questions about our harnesses and SFI certification saying you need to replace your belts every two years. There's a good reason why and we try to lay it all out in this blog post. Hope it clears some things up. We're here if you have any additional questions...
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    PRP Seats for your RC Car or Crawler!

    Check it out! You can now get PRP Seats for your RC car! RC4WD PRP Lightweight Competition Pro Seat
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    PRP Seats announces NEW Ivan Stewart Seats

    We're excited to announce our newest seat inspired and designed with #Baja1000 and off-road racing legend Ivan "Ironman" Stewart. The IRONMAN suspension seat is available with tabs for your pre-runner or custom build or as a bolt in option for the Polaris RZR. Both seats feature retro styling...
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    Final Tooele Bittersweet For Brian Deegan

    The final race for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah was bittersweet for Brian Deegan. Miller Motorsports Park will be ceasing operations in October of this year. Unless a new lessee comes forward to take over the track, it might have been...
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    new prp truck seats

    PRP has come out with a new seat, called the truck seat. It is a Standard High back with low entry sides(bottom of the seat is pretty flat) so it is easier to slide in and out and not having to hop over a bar. it is about 3 or so inches taller and has the same Standard mounting diminsions as...
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    axel location

    just a quick question, whats better axel on top of leafs or axel on bottom or dose it even matter? I dont care about lift, just is any one better than the other? 93 banshee toomy kit 89 mazda xcab 2.2L re spliend(preloaded) t bars 2 inch body lift
  7. prpseats

    camburg kit camber prob

    I instaled the camburg 5.5 a few months ago on my friends 99 ranger and he just smoked his front tires because of camber / \ (+? or-?) the inside of his bfg's are toast and he is pretty pissed. is this just a non avoidable prob or is there an adjustment I don't know about. any comments or...
  8. prpseats

    I beam coilovers

    I always see coilovers on i beamed trucks set up difriently. it seems that the coilovers should be set up with no angle, stright up and down. yet i see many trucks with the shocks angled inward like an A arm car, will this work or am i just not under standing something. just wondering thanks...
  9. prpseats

    3rd member swap

    I have got an 89 mazda truck. after re splining the torsion bars and a 2 inch body lift, I got larger wheels and tires, 235/75/15, wanting 30's. I was wondering if I could just go to a junk yard or some how find a 3rd member out of a 4WD mazda and just do a swap, to get lower gears. do you...