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  1. Nino Ficara

    SF 250 Vs KOH

    He’ll yeah
  2. Nino Ficara

    2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational presented by Monster Energy

    I can vouch for that. I was that kid.
  3. Nino Ficara

    On Topic KOH cell coverage

  4. Nino Ficara

    2020 King of Hammers!!!!!

    I never got 1 either.
  5. Nino Ficara

    What did Robby have for breakfast?

    Awesome stuff
  6. Nino Ficara

    TT & prerunner Heights

    How tall is the average trophy truck and pre-runner? With and without light bars. Thanks
  7. Nino Ficara

    Resto Mod Off-Road Trucks

    No not yet. It’s so close. I’m hoping by the end of the year. I’ve been concentrating on my company.
  8. Nino Ficara

    Mint 400 & UTVWC Independent in 2020

    Because Dave Cole is the man
  9. Nino Ficara

    Danzio Performance engines

    Thanks Mr. Sourapas
  10. Nino Ficara

    Danzio Performance engines

    They’ll never call back. I’ve been trying to get a Quote for wiring a luxury pre runner chassis, engine wiring, & building an engine for 2 1/2 months now. Very disappointed in Danzio.
  11. Nino Ficara

    SCORE Stock Fullsize class

    T hats awesome.
  12. Nino Ficara

    Baja 500

    Dave has Roger sweating
  13. Nino Ficara


    Donate the 5K. To help the sport of course.
  14. Nino Ficara


  15. Nino Ficara

    On Topic Camburg Trophy Truck in Glamis

    Nice. How’d the truck do through the dunes?
  16. Nino Ficara

    LeDuc Swapmeet

    Do you have any Motec ECU or PDM’s?
  17. Nino Ficara

    Toyo Invitational 2020

    Dave, Rumor has it that you’re planning a race in the San Felipe area. Any truth to this?