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  1. Dave@3F

    Taddy Blazusiak enters the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Look forward to seeing how he does without all the wild technical sections.
  2. Dave@3F

    GPS files for vegas to Reno

    I am looking to get the GPX file format (compatible with Garmin and Delorme products) for the 2006 Vegas to Reno race course, that is the year we started off HWY 93. Thanks in advance to anyone who saved it.:D
  3. Dave@3F

    KTM's and overheating

    I gave my XR650 a rest this weekend and raced my KTM 450. The Hare Scramble was tight and very technical. There was an uphill waterfall section that turned into a 30 plus (if not more) bike parking lot. My KTM overheated as well as many other KTM's(it became the joke of the event). The bike...
  4. Dave@3F

    XR650 parts

    I had a fight with a rock today in a hare scramble race, yes the rock won. My ignition cover took the brunt while luckily found a soft area to be launched into. Anyway, I now need a new ignition cover and have not been able to find a good source. Do any of you know a good online shop to get...
  5. Dave@3F

    Hovey's old car car @ the 500?

    Just out of curiosty, does anyone know why Chuck ran his old car at the 500?
  6. Dave@3F

    Online ordering

    I did an online order with ORW and had my credit card info lifted. After working with the fraud department with the card I have been refunded most but not all of what I lost. I also had to replace all of of team account cards. Here is what to look for, the person who did this first credited...
  7. Dave@3F

    MRANN "Jackass 100"

    Have not raced on two wheels since I transfered from San Diego till last weekend. I have no plans on selling the 10 car but MRANN puts on a great series, had a great time and spent less than a $100 for the weekend. I think I just found a way to fill the gaps in the 4-wheel race schedule. If...
  8. Dave@3F

    3F web updates

    New photo's are up from Baja to Parker.
  9. Dave@3F

    Desert racing on Outdoor channel Fridays

    Don't forget to watch the outdoor channel.....9:00PM.
  10. Dave@3F

    Current Parker 425 totals

    TT- 16 CL1- 44 PT- 16 CL10- 27 7200- 20 CL8- 9 Jeepspeed 1- 18 201 total entries as of yesterday.
  11. Dave@3F

    Poor boy ride to TT250

    3F Motorsports has a friendly, well groomed crew member unable to get out to the TT250. If anyone is willing to give a Navy SEAL with a bad back a ride to the race I can get him home. His name is Larry and he is in San Diego, ph. 619-917-8672.
  12. Dave@3F

    04'-06' F150 long travel

    I have been looking for a good long travel kit for my 04' F150. H&M and Camburg websites keep saying they are on the way. Does anyone know of a good kit already on the market?
  13. Dave@3F

    1/2 1600

    What is the best performance timing for a 1600? What is the max compression. We have been running 12-13, but have heard some teams are getting away with 14? Max duration and lift for cam?
  14. Dave@3F

    Chem trails?

    I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but after personally seeing people sick after Parker 425 I got a call about this Anyone else sick after the race?
  15. Dave@3F

    Dave at 3F Motorsports

    My name is Dave Sexson, I have been actively involved in desert racing since the 2003 Baja 1000. I was invited down by Josh Hall and chased for team Hummer. I decided that trip that I was going to get my own car. After purchasing a 2-1600 Bunderson I did my first race at the MDR Lucerne...