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  1. rokker

    Need A New Computer

    get a dell
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    Kingpin Hubs - Forged or Cast

    ooopppssss Rick you are correct - I was way off on my parts verbage and Woody thanks for the response
  3. rokker

    Kingpin Hubs - Forged or Cast

    I want to weld to older kingpin style hubs - does anyone know if the are forged or cast from lets say (years wise) the older F100s or the early 80s F150s? I know Newline welds to the hubs to double shear the outer tierod pivot etc. Any info on what years are forged or not would be appreciated...
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    Primm Tracking / Favorites...

  5. rokker

    Brown eye girls first night of class

    I wish I could get my old lady to take up welding...
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    What are your favorite search engines.

    you mean theres more than 1? ;)
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    Hammerite Spray Paint Qs

    sounds good - thanks guys
  8. rokker

    Hammerite Spray Paint Qs

    Did a search and some on here swear by the brush on Hammerite paint - my question is on the Hammerite spray paint. Can it be applied over mild surface rust similar to the brush on Hammerite? Anyone have experience with the spray? Pros/Cons? Im thinking about the flat black... Thanks
  9. rokker

    Robby Gordon: Flatbiller HERO!

    I must be getting old cuz it all seems stupid to me... Q:Am I a flatbiller cuz Im building a prerunner truck? The site says so... LOL
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    Recommendation Home Repair

    Ahhhaha I know how that works... If I get "shocks" - she gets "couch"
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    Very cool Fab Shop!

    thats a cool video
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    V-belt Pulley Help

    Rich its been 2+ years... another 4-5 months isnt gonna hurt LOL
  13. rokker

    V-belt Pulley Help

    see there I go again - leaving out information, there wont be a fan on the waterpump. Radiator has dual elec fans and shroud... I guess Ill give the above setup a shot and pay close attention to gauges for the time being. Any other info/comments would be great. Thanks
  14. rokker

    V-belt Pulley Help

    I need some help and opinions on selecting the correct pulleys for my truck. Heres my current setup: Im running a sbf (351) with alt and power steering pump only. The alt has about a 2" single groove pulley on it and the power steering pump (from Howe hi-volume 1450) has a single groove 6"...
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    Congratulations PBR!

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    Check out this Video

    OMGGGGGggggggggg what a video to watch first thing Mon morning... LMAO!!!
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    Busted Them!!!!!

    I agree... I have no respect for thieves, I work way too hard to be able to pay for this expensive hobby and to have people try to take that stuff for free = @ss kicking
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    Anyone using these shocks? - Revolution Racing Shocks - internal bypass/coilover I did a search and could find no results on anyone that has used these shocks? Is anyone running them? How are they working for you? Thanks
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    What's your house worth?

    You think the interest only loans are bad... take a look at how the deferred interest/1% loans work. My brother in law JUST re-fied into one of those (due to fnancial difficulty) and it is scary. Ill stick with my 30yr fixed.
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    351 Performance Question

    heh heh... Im a ford guy but thats funny <-- 351