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  1. Nino Ficara

    TT & prerunner Heights

    How tall is the average trophy truck and pre-runner? With and without light bars. Thanks
  2. Nino Ficara

    Ideal horsepower

    I’m building a prerunner. It’s going to weigh around 5-5.5k. 23” of travel. Running 35’s. What horsepower should I build the engine so I can have the most fun without building a full on race engine? Thanks
  3. Nino Ficara

    Trick racing products buggies

    Does anybody have a truck racing products for Seiter for sale?
  4. Nino Ficara

    AEM Dash & ECM

    Does anybody have any experience and reliability of AEM products? Cd-7 digital dash or ECM AEM Electronics CD-7 Dash and Data Logger - DSPORT Magazine
  5. Nino Ficara

    Aem Ecu & Digital Dash

    Has anybody used Aem ecu or the. CD 7 digital dash? I’m curious how happy people were with it. Thanks
  6. Nino Ficara

    5.7 hemi

    Is there anybody who is knowledgeable in new gen 5.7 hemi engines?
  7. Nino Ficara

    Tire Balls

    Are tire balls allowed in score or best in the desert?
  8. Nino Ficara

    71 jeep Waggoner

    Does anyone know where I can get a fiberglass hood for my 71 waggoneer
  9. Nino Ficara

    Motec ecu, Pdm, keypad

    Where is the best place to buy Motec. Also I'm building a luxury ultra 4 w/ a 5.7 hemi. I'll maybe enter in a race or 2 a year for fun not competition. What would the best set up for me? Looking for ECU, PDM, Digital Dash, & Keypad. Is there a difference between Motec, or Life racing? Other...
  10. Nino Ficara

    Life racing

    I'm thinking of using Danzio's life racing pdm, & ecu for a project of mine. Does anybody know of positives or negatives for either of these units? Feed back & opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks