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  1. crash4519

    Saginaw 808 steering box?

    Where do I find the part number to buy a new/ rebuilt one? Not much info on the internet.... Tom @ Lee power steering said something like late 80's big cadillacs had them and the Military hummers..... anyone have a part number?
  2. crash4519

    how to mount crossover steering?

    So here it is, I have 73 F100 with Custom Equal length I beams... The beams were based off of those made for F150's but extended a bit for the width of the F100. I have Two swinger shackles for F150 that seem like they are the right size and fit around the frame properly. .... now comes the hard...
  3. crash4519

    Whats the currently best all around sideXside?

    My dad is currently in a midlife chrissis? and i'm close to finishing my class 8 truck and he wants to be out there and help me in the race so he decided that he wants a "rhino" like vehicle to pit for me and have fun so once again i would like to poll the collected intelligence of racedezert...
  4. crash4519

    Sandy Cone hubs on old school F100

    I have a 75 F100 and i am using 1 ton forged beams on it from a 73 F350.... The problem I am having is the bearings that i picked up to go into the hubs, the outer bearing (smaller one) fits absolutely perfect in the race in the hub... but the inner bearing (the larger one) doesn't fit that...
  5. crash4519

    Who makes this Chassis?

    Don't have a picture to show right now you guys but maybe i can describe it well enough... Kustom1Warehouse has a 4 seater a-arm chassis they call a "center pivot" chassis. thats all chromolly has 1.5" x .120 wall tubing on the front a-arms which are beefier than lets say the buggy works 4...
  6. crash4519

    VW long travel suspension

    3x3's or 3x5's in the rear? how big of a difference do they make? what should i run in the front? ideas and pictures would be very helpful thanks
  7. crash4519

    Hello My name is James

    I've been on the website many of times before trying to get ideas and whatnot... finally going to start my own project baja with long travel... so im going to need an account here for sure.