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  1. rokker

    Kingpin Hubs - Forged or Cast

    I want to weld to older kingpin style hubs - does anyone know if the are forged or cast from lets say (years wise) the older F100s or the early 80s F150s? I know Newline welds to the hubs to double shear the outer tierod pivot etc. Any info on what years are forged or not would be appreciated...
  2. rokker

    Hammerite Spray Paint Qs

    Did a search and some on here swear by the brush on Hammerite paint - my question is on the Hammerite spray paint. Can it be applied over mild surface rust similar to the brush on Hammerite? Anyone have experience with the spray? Pros/Cons? Im thinking about the flat black... Thanks
  3. rokker

    V-belt Pulley Help

    I need some help and opinions on selecting the correct pulleys for my truck. Heres my current setup: Im running a sbf (351) with alt and power steering pump only. The alt has about a 2" single groove pulley on it and the power steering pump (from Howe hi-volume 1450) has a single groove 6"...
  4. rokker

    Anyone using these shocks? - Revolution Racing Shocks - internal bypass/coilover I did a search and could find no results on anyone that has used these shocks? Is anyone running them? How are they working for you? Thanks
  5. rokker

    Explorer Owners/Drivers

    Its time to buy a new DD and Ive been thinking about getting an Explorer (4.0, 4dr, 2002 or newer) - Id like to just get a Ranger or Tacoma to drive to work etc but with two little ones the explorer makes more sense. I read some consumer reviews on this SUV but I figured I may as well just ask...
  6. rokker

    Motorhome Help

    Guys - Im going to be purchasing a motorhome in the near future and Id like to get some advice from you that have or had a motorhome. The motorhome of course should be able to tow my POS prerunner and fit the wife and 2 kids in comfortably. Any info would be great - Which makes are good/bad...
  7. rokker

    Charger Fans

    Charger Fans - where are you now? I know there are a few of you on here somewhere.... Lets here it for the Bolts!!! AFC West Champs, who woulda thought wed be kicking @ss and taking names this year. I knew we would be improved but to think... We have as good a shot as anyone at the bowl this...
  8. rokker

    Exhaust & Heat Q:

    Have any of you used or would you reccomend one of these products or something similiar to one of these products - Im looking for something that I could apply to the firewall and floorboard of the cab to reduce heat. My headers/exhaust are very similar to something like this -...
  9. rokker

    C6 + smallblock ford Q: help please?

    Ive never put a transmission in before and I was trying to get my transmission in last weekend (by myself and yes it was a pain in the a#$) and Ive run into a problem. Heres my situation. My torque converter fits onto the transmisison output shaft fine. The flexplate bolts to the back of the...
  10. rokker

    Mounting Ford 4x4 Snouts

    I picked up a couple of old Ford 6 bolt 4x4 snouts that Im going to be using on some custom spindles. As you can see from the pics there is a ring that sits on the back of the mounting plate that would prohibit the snout to be bolted flush onto a piece of flatstock. I talked to my neighbor...
  11. rokker

    Axle spline count hp/torque rating

    Im going to be "investing" in a 9" floater rear end in the near future. I would like to know what spline count for the axles I should run in the rear. Lets say the rear will see 400/350 hp/torque. 31,33,35 spline? Lemme know if you need to know any more variables... Also, any places youd...
  12. rokker

    Scrub Radius

    Scrub Radius - Ive been doing alot of reading of past threads on this board and any articles/other reading (online) I can find on the subject. I understand what scrub radius is (location or distance from the "kingpin inclination angle" to where it converges on the ground with the tire center...
  13. rokker

    Progress Pics - new J-Arms

    I made some new upper J-arms this weekend - (my first attempt) It cycles very cleanly. Im fairly happy with it. Almost moves exactly how I had it set up on the computer. Not much camber change at all. The tabs for the J-arms are actually only tacked on right now so I can fine tune it a bit more...
  14. rokker

    Ford Transmission - Anyone heard of this before?

    Does anyone out there run a small "ring" or "gasket" in between the flexplate and the bolts that hold the flexplate to the crank? I was told that this "ring" is important..??? I guess the purpose of this "ring" is to evenly distribute the torque to the flexplate that is created by the bolts...
  15. rokker

    Current Best NFL Running Back

    I know there are some football fans here. I cant wait for the season to start (yes I know its a LONGGGG ways away) - so in the meantime - Who is the best back in the NFL currently? Im going with LT (Portis a VERY close second) - yes Im a Chargers fan so my opinion will be a bit biased but he...
  16. rokker

    Steering - Slider Box?

    What have you guys used or what would you reccomend using to build a slider for a steering set-up like the one in the link below? Or could I just buy a pre-fabbed slider? Any links or pics would be great. Thanks
  17. rokker

    Power Steering Set-Ups

    Can you guys reccomend a few companies that specialize in off-road power steering set-ups? Ive already talked to Howe Performance Power Steering. Thanks
  18. rokker

    Header/Exhaust Sizes

    Can you guys gimme some advice? What size header tubes would you recommend? I was going to go with 1 5/8" - Is this too restricting? Should I go a bit bigger possibly 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 or am I getting too large. Also what size exhaust tube after the collector would you recommend using? 2 1/2" or...
  19. rokker

    Ranger Owners: Help Please?

    Can you guys tell me what kinda gas mileage your getting in your stock Rangers and what year and motor you have? Im looking at getting one to drive to and from work and Im debating on going with the 4 banger (older 2.3 or newer 2.5 - am I correct?) or the 4.0 v6 - (the gas I put into my f-150...
  20. rokker

    Oxy/Acet. Cutting Torch Qs?

    Anyone have any pics of some clean/precise cuts with an oxy/acetylene torch ( 1/8" to 1/4" steel plate) or is an oxy/acetylene torch too crude for clean cuts? I do expect to spend a little time cleaning my stuff up but Id like to see what some of the skilled users are capable of with an...