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  1. awful_kanawful66

    f150 front spring rate???

    I have a 98 f150 with a hnm long travel kit up frront. I will be running a single coilover setup. Im curious on what spring rate to use. I know this is a dumb question but im new to all this. Any info would help tremendously.
  2. awful_kanawful66

    Changing 98 f150 front lug pattern from 5x135 to 5x5.5

    I have a 98 2wd f150 with an hnm kit up front. Im building a rear axle and the rear axle lug pattern is 5x5.5. Is there an easier way to change the front lug pattern without buying new hubs? I would love to be able to get some bad a** front hubs but i just cant afford it right now. Any info...
  3. awful_kanawful66

    My f150 project

    This is my first prerunner ever. Bought it last fall in San Diego. I wanted to find something semi built and this is what i found. Still needs alot of work but im workin on it slowly but surely. HnM long travel front with 2.5 fox c/o 9 inch rear end Glass all the way around 37 toyo m/t...
  4. awful_kanawful66

    f150 rear bed cage ideas/pics

    I need ideas for a bed cage for my 98 f150. Nothing real fancy just shock mounting and spare tire mount. I have a 9 inch already so all i need is springs and shocks. Shock length???? Anybody tried mounting the leafs under the axle on one of these trucks???? Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks...
  5. awful_kanawful66

    Flat Black Paint.

    Im trying to go for the flat/matte look on my f150. After researching it i found that a few of the rat rod guys used john deere blitz black paint. Has anyone tried this? Any other suggestions? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  6. awful_kanawful66

    Hi Everybody!

    Hey Yall! My name is Alex im 23 and believe it or not but im form TX and am completely in love with desert racing. I have a 98 F150 with an HnM long travel kit. I flew to San Diego and drove it all the way back here to TX! Im interested in everything offroad but desert racing is just so awesome...