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  1. snakeyjake896

    Who's racing what/ where in 2012?

    5 pages and no mention of Chris Brandt, what about Curt Leduc is he racing, and Evan Evans i thought he found a deal, Scott Taylor was supppose to be racing this year also.
  2. snakeyjake896

    TORC Series 1600 Light Buggy Question

    im thinkin you should call the class rep on this one, Greg Stingle 920-740-1953
  3. snakeyjake896

    Kyle LeDuc to Monster???

    R u sure about this?
  4. snakeyjake896

    Reno Vs. Crandon, Good or Bad Idea?

    They even kicked Carl out of Crandon, "Crandon Carl" can't compete at Crandon... So let me get this straight, your telling me that Crandon told Carl Renezeder he cant race there anymore?
  5. snakeyjake896

    C r a n d o n !

    If anyone needs camping space in the pit area I dont know if they are sold out or not but I should have a little extra room. Jake Vande Voort 920-371-8473
  6. snakeyjake896

    TORC now live

    It was quite a bit more than mud or we would have raced, it was more about the foot of water on the front and back stretch and more rain coming today:( Racing was perfect yesterday with a very fast track, Bryce and Rob Mac battling for the win back and forth right to the end. Johnny and...
  7. snakeyjake896

    Custom parts from 4130 chromalloy and Engine build

    There are so many good trucks out there that you can buy cheaper than you can build one for. No the engine is a sealed crate motor only available through certain dealers.
  8. snakeyjake896

    Drivers and crew license

    Upper right hand corner of under the link that says driver or team member. You can have two people registered to one truck.
  9. snakeyjake896

    looking for a pro-lite or sportsman stock truck?

    You can call me anytime if your interested in stock truck class, I know where there are a couple of trucks for sale depending on your budget and skill level of working on trucks. I will help you out as much as I can. Jake Vande Voort 920-371-8473
  10. snakeyjake896

    Loors #31 U-4 Just learned its Brascho

    He won the Borg Warner Cup race at Crandon a couple years back.
  11. snakeyjake896

    kyle leduc crash

    Todds gettin to comfortable in monster trucks and just tried runnin you over!!
  12. snakeyjake896

    72 Ford enduro for TORC, what changes would i make?

    whoa easy there TORC spotter, you can race only one event that was cleared up awhile ago, the cost for a one event license is $50.00 plus entry fees, the cage does have to be unseamed steel 1.75 x .120, that truck is definitely older than 5 years, weve had racing seat rules for over 10 years...
  13. snakeyjake896

    (IMPORTANT!) Lucas Oil Regional series will be rescheuled

    Some of the best expereiences come from a bad weather race, ask Kent Brascho what his best racing experience was I bet it was winning the Borg Warner in a downpour at Crandon.
  14. snakeyjake896

    (IMPORTANT!) Lucas Oil Regional series will be rescheuled

    Ross is partyin it up in Vegas this weekend lucky dog, ya its 15 with a good foot of snow up here.
  15. snakeyjake896

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    .120 tube welded to a .120 tube, about how big should the weld be when done?
  16. snakeyjake896

    Fans' Choice Driver of the Year

    Id have to agree with SB the level of competition in Pro 2 was way higher with many different winners in both series, pro 4 only had 4 different winners.
  17. snakeyjake896

    USAC / TORC question

    You should have seen all the suit and tie guys and Indy guys walking around the pit area taking pics.
  18. snakeyjake896

    TORC- PRO-Light Start -Wednesday Video

    So has no spotter or what?
  19. snakeyjake896

    Loors V-8 UL?

    I think its perfect the way it is. Marty won because he ran two perfect races. Who in torc prolite has the experience level of Marty. Put Kyle Leduc or Fig or Brandt in a V8 prolite against Marty and then lets see what happens. Not bashing anyone in PL but they are all rookies in V8s except...