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  1. Tommy P

    USDR rnd 3 video

    Dang USDR is starting to look a little like Dist 37. Hope you buy extra skids bill
  2. Tommy P

    Hey fish Sent you A PM. I was wondering what ever happened to the Ken Block Poster from the wall...

    Hey fish Sent you A PM. I was wondering what ever happened to the Ken Block Poster from the wall post you did a while back? I never recieved it..
  3. Tommy P

    #1A Matlock Racing - San Felipe 250 Race Report/Pictures

    good job guys... good luck with the rest of the season!!
  4. Tommy P

    Ken Block Signed Old School Poster

    nicee good pic!!!
  5. Tommy P

    DMC National Quad helmet cam

    tHATS GOOD ole dist 37!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Tommy P

    Where the Scouts At?

    Hey same with me Eagle scout also with troop 62 in Barstow. What was your last year there. Good ole MR C.
  7. Tommy P

    questions on search light gp

    teach them X1....
  8. Tommy P

    Horrible news

    good to hear. sad to see a hero of the sport go down like that..
  9. Tommy P

    NEED Seperate Bike and Quad Threads

    Maybe we like this place better..... :)
  10. Tommy P

    Hello, My name is Tim Craig

    Mr timmy craig!!!!!!!
  11. Tommy P

    2009 National Hare & Hound - JOHNSON VALLEY!

    I would rather take pics of YOU on the quad RacerX1. So you go race and I will take the pics.. :D:D
  12. Tommy P

    Jesse James TV show - casting call

    I like it good luck man hope you make it!!!
  13. Tommy P

    Moving from mx/sx to dezert, any pointers

    Just get ready for a lot of rocks, and beating your bike up if you dist 37.. still a lot of fun thou.
  14. Tommy P

    Henderson Race #1 video-bikes and quads

    Great Video man Thanks for remembering the Bikes and quads. Its not very often we get to see a lot of videos or pics anymore....
  15. Tommy P

    greatest youtube find ever????

    man that is nuts!!!!! crazy what they are doing now...
  16. Tommy P


    Good Job guys. Way to bring it home!!!!!!
  17. Tommy P

    The True Baja 1000 Overall Winners

    Also want to say congrats to two of the best riders in Barstow The Eddy boys 2x you guys rocked.. PROUD to say I know you guys and understand how much you love the sport....
  18. Tommy P

    ROB U update

    Is there any chance we could get some stickers made or some thing like that to show how much we will miss are desert brother. Maybe something small we could run on are bikes or quads. 99a ??? any one have any ideas here or connections. sucks so bad he was such a nice helpful person.
  19. Tommy P

    Whats the currently best all around sideXside?

    I thought it was pretty funny also UTV Mayhem thanks.. some people are just wound a little tight I guess.....
  20. Tommy P

    Anyone going to the MRAN Searchlight GP?

    Good job chris... Im proud of you man. Patty let me know would luv to do this one with you next year..