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  1. snakeyjake896

    Norrs final bill

    Just posting this to make sure everyone is aware or has any info on the whereabouts of Aaron Mortenson. Cleanup fairgrounds $2048.00 Excavation fees $6500.00 Fuel bill $784.32 (local gas station) Safety fence rental $1,000.00 Drivers purse...
  2. snakeyjake896

    pro 2 short course shocks

    I am building a new spec chassis and want to run a 2.0 coil carrier and a 2.5 triple bypass, is this enough or do i need a 3.0 bypass, any info not from a salesman would be great thanks, the truck will weigh in at 3750
  3. snakeyjake896

    New guy in the house

    Hi I am Jake from the midwest, just a sportsman driver but love it.