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  1. dezertracer230

    Why can't the limited classes do all the laps???

    In lap races the limited classes do less laps than the TT CL1 etc. I remember when FUD had races and ALL classes would do ALL laps. If it was a 250 mile race, it was a 250 miles for everyone. I do understand that it takes along time for that to finish. There were cut off times to start each lap...
  2. dezertracer230

    Stolen Check! WTF!

    I had a check that i had filled out for a friend stolen and the guy who took it put his name on the check. example, pay to the order: Friends name or a$$hole who stole it. so the "or and the name" was completly different hand writting from the rest of the check and he cashed it at a local...
  3. dezertracer230

    Little Mac for sale??

    I thought this truck was burned to the ground in the Fires?? was there 2 little mac trucks?
  4. dezertracer230

    MDR Wild Wash 250??

    I was there spectating, Not alot of cars. Guess everyone was at Parker. fun course, i did a lap a few days ago on my bike. Anyone got pics, video, results, or race recap?
  5. dezertracer230

    When will CORR be in the XGAMES???

    They have rally. I think CORR will be awsome to have at the XGAMES. It would be a big hit.
  6. dezertracer230

    Maps from Tecate to Mikes???????

    Looking for some maps to get me from Tecate to Mikes and maybe to the coast (Pacific). Any good places to buy maps for off-road in baja or anything that will help?? Thanxs
  7. dezertracer230

    Any special partys/activitys going in San Felipe???

    The San Felipe 250 is going to be my first weekend out of the Military. Its been about 2 years since i was at a race. (way to long) Im finally coming home (the desert) LOL. see you all in the desert!
  8. dezertracer230

    Google Earth Baja 1000 layout!!

    I was looking around online and came across this.
  9. dezertracer230

    TT#2 and the DA???????????

    Pete Sohren of tt#2 said he was no longer with the Desert Assassins. what happend??????
  10. dezertracer230

    Prerun Pics??????

    Any good pics from San Felipe???
  11. dezertracer230

    John Markings Car??????????

    Was that chet huffman in marking car at the baja cup challange?????
  12. dezertracer230


    on In the unofficial results it has the 6X bike 3rd class 22. but the official results dose not list the 6X bike as a finisher. what happened????? or is it just a miss type.
  13. dezertracer230

    hey whats up?

    I finaly joined after reading this to get all the news in racing. im from so cal but currently serving in Germany in the U.S. Army. Cant wait to get back in the desert!