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  1. Outlaw

    Baja 500 - Official Race Stories Thread

    Greetings from the James Gang! Here is the tale of The Outlaw, Car 113 for this event....Kevin James and Darrin Goodwin started 13th off the line and had caught the next 4 wheel vehicle by race mile 8. At mile 9 while trying to go around the chasee, We stuck (or should have) the right front...
  2. Outlaw

    Stolen 87 Toy 4x4

    Thanks All...BTW the truck was stolen this year, 03 not 02...I wasn't thinking all that clearly that morning. They got a 50 horse outboard I just had repaired as well. Not a very good start to the month....
  3. Outlaw

    Stolen 87 Toy 4x4

    My Truck was stolen Sunday Night, 01 June 02 from in front of my house in the paradise hills area. 1987 Toyota 4x4 xtra cab. Faded Blue, 31 BFG Muds, Bilstein Shocks, 1958 Mercury Outboard Motor in the Bed. Could be in tow. Lic #6U86104 Any Info call Darrin (619)743-1901Thanks
  4. Outlaw

    100+ cars in Code's Mexicali- San Felipe race..

    Re: 100+ cars in Code\'s Mexicali- San Felipe race.. FYI, The Outlaw will be racing Code Class 1 if Dyno testing goes well this week.... Racer
  5. Outlaw

    Garage Sale

    This is for all the racers who responded to The Outlaw Racing classified ad for used parts. As promised a list of parts with prices has been posted on the Outlaw Website( The link is at the bottom of the page under Garage Sale. I will try to reply to all emails. Thanks...
  6. Outlaw

    Outlaw Class 1

    Re: 69 Pre-runner/Class 8 The Engine was supposed to go in a Danny Porter Class one with a V-drive. Jim Horne of HP Engines built it over a year ago. It hasn't been Dyno'd yet, But based on the numbers he had when he built it up he is predicting 580. We'll see!
  7. Outlaw

    Outlaw Class 1

    Re: 69 Pre-runner/Class 8 We are currently Upgrading to a Chevrolet V-6, Fortin 4speed, 35 " Projects . Should take us from 350 to 580 Hp.
  8. Outlaw

    Outlaw Class 1

    the new Outlaw, a Jimco 2000 Class one unlimited is getting seriously upgraded by Stewarts Race Works. More information will be posted as I get it. If this is the wrong forum for this I apologise and could you direct me? Thanks! Outlaw <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by John_Bitting on...