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  1. Dave@3F

    Taddy Blazusiak enters the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Look forward to seeing how he does without all the wild technical sections.
  2. Dave@3F

    VORRA Yerington 300 2012 recap

    Congrats to Kenny Ott, great job!
  3. Dave@3F

    Anyone here knows about subzero motorsports in dubai?

    Don't go too hard on Dubai, you have some RDC racers transplanted from the SoCal-Nevada deserts to Dubai. That being said I have not heard or worked with the subzero guys.
  4. Dave@3F

    From D2G to Act Of Valor: Our Nation's Duty!

    I'm sure you made EP proud, I'll pass the word.
  5. Dave@3F

    Six door Raptor!

    I have yet to see this thing, plates are Abu Dhabi, but Raptors are a daily site all over the UAE. This country put a measurable dent into the Raptor sales.
  6. Dave@3F

    V2R Highlight ##VIDEO##

    Great Video, thanks.
  7. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread
  8. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    1588 is listed as Brian Hess, 4th OA at the time trial. BJ is on my tracker listing but no course data is showing on him??????
  9. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    97 BJ is not tracking, 1588 is not on the list. Throws a curve in tracking the overall from the computer.
  10. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    The only thing our guys posted this morning was "cluster FFFFFFFF", I don't have any direct translation for that other than "sounds like racing".
  11. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    Thanks for the update, office chair racing I think is harder than being out on the course.
  12. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    I recieved text messages this morning that things may have gotten a little off schedule. I think tracking is fine but the race might? be a few minutes late on the start.
  13. Dave@3F

    Official Vegas to Reno Thread

    Four wheel tracking is great, is anyone able to update our two wheeled friends?
  14. Dave@3F

    Parker 2010

    I have been looking around for early results myself, so far no luck.
  15. Dave@3F

    !st race of the MRAN Desert Series

    My wife and I race Amatuer in MRANN here in Reno area. I was looking at your post and thinking that we might come down and run a MRAN race. Does MRAN have a Womens V class that races on the 9.5 mile loop? In MRANN we have Womens V races on the mini course and Womens W racing on the bike bike...
  16. Dave@3F

    09 BITD Vegas to Reno **Video**

    Thanks, great video.
  17. Dave@3F

    GPS files for vegas to Reno

    I am looking to get the GPX file format (compatible with Garmin and Delorme products) for the 2006 Vegas to Reno race course, that is the year we started off HWY 93. Thanks in advance to anyone who saved it.:D
  18. Dave@3F

    Ford Raptor project + new Raptor Class 8 truck

    Over 80" requires the amber light.
  19. Dave@3F

    Correct way to give GPS position over radio?

    Try to know your datum, the difference between datums can be miles; i.e., NAD27, WGS84........ Also good to let them know how you are sending; Degrees-Minutes-Seconds Deg-min-dec-min, etc If you don't know.....spend a few minutes with your GPS (HOPEFULLY BEFORE YOU REALLY NEED IT) going...
  20. Dave@3F

    Octane Fest... anybody else going?

    Easy now, some of us do live in Fallon. (jk......):)