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    2012 Short Course Silly Season?

    whats going on at superlite. Are they closing the doors?
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    Age limits?

    Rumer has it mitchell dejong and cj greves will race at hdra this weekend.. how old r they
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    SCORE 2012 Schedule

    not while afinity gaming runs the show...
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    SNORE Suing Everyone??

    so did anybody prove yet that the lawsuit was dropped???
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    where is jeff germain with answers to the questions....who is still racing?
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    2012 SCORE Baja Series???????????

    Hearing the same rumors about laughlin from reputible sources.
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    *********official mi7 threat thread*********

    Re: Mi7 threats A little net reserch goes along way....look at this: http://** ¡Ay, caramba!** Mi7 is Jeff Germain's half ass atempt to start another "Race Series" when he still owes everyone for the Western...
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    Best MINT 400 video yet..

    Guys, cgelski who posted the video works in marketing for the slime comapny. its a cool video but there is def biased
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    Mickey Thompson style short course racing??? Anyone??

    gregfoutz, what happened to trophylite doing a full year of torc? Is that still on...... i seem to remember a annoucement back in october?
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    Traxxas TORC Series Presented By Amsoil Announces 2010 Race Schedule

    Wtf!!! why would you schedule a race the same weekend as the mint 400!!! plain stupidity!!!
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    More Great news for NORRS!

    Scott has a new flavor of kool-aid!!!!!
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    Lucas Oil American Off-Road Series Schedule...

    are any of the big names racing? huseman? menzies? greaves? leduc? douglass? renzeder?
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    SEMA who's going

    i heard that too. economy giving everyone a hard time. oh well i will be there to see whats new and cool anyway.
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    2009 race schedules

    wheres the corr schedule??? :(
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    Baja 1000 Fuel Order Form & Pricing Info

    be careful if you take fuel into mexico. we got pulled over on the highway once for speeding and the cop inspected our enclosed trailer. we had a hidden drum a vp in there and 3 more cops showed up and wanted to confiscate it. we paid them off a nice amount of dough and we were on our way. we...
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    race in vegas!!
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    Growth of CORR over the last 4 years

    is there going to be a corr next year? what about chula vista? who wants to go find sponsors if there is doubt about the race? what happened to the 2009 schedule? tough questions corr isnt answering!
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    Guess what all TT drivers and hotties will be doing this Thurs/Friday????

    if i could make the drive from las vegas i would be there!
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    The alex project – 1000 miles for cystic fibrosis

    cool project. how much being raised for cf foundation so far?
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    Would someone please step up and lend (give?) Jim Baldwin 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS?

    i understand Tim Sanchez runs dirtnewz and rock on motorsports who deals with Menzies and Greaves. seems like a pretty reliable source to me. still no CORR schedule? probably not gonna happen for chula and next year too from what i have heard.