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    Budget Toyota: Front Shocks

    I am trying to decide what shocks to put on my 91 2wd, as of now i already have 300mm Saw torsions (came with the truck), and I have to buy used (cant afford anything else) So far i have come across: - king 2.5 x 10" smoothies w/ res. (best offer...) - 4 fox 2.0 x 8" w/ res. ($300) - Racerunner...
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    new... kinda

    I've been snooping around the forums for alittle over a year, and for some reason never signed up. I've got a 03 2wd 2.4L Tacoma (daily driver) and a 91 2wd 3.0 Pickup i'll be building this summer. (look out for a build thread!) Hopfully by 2010 she'll be ready for MDR