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    4x4 expedition

    im looking for some ideas on how to make a stock 4x4 expedition work halfway decent in the dirt. anyone mounted, or seen 2.5" shocks mounted on one in the rear of an expe in stock location??? i was hoping to run an 8" bypass up front with a small shock hoop, using stock arms. would it be worth...
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    diesel in a bronco???

    so, im buying a 94 bronco with 100k miles and its being built into a full blown mexi cruiser. already has widened beams and coilovers and is pullin around 20" of travel up front and will hopefully be gettin somewhere around 16-18 in the rear pretty soon. what im wondering is, when the engine...
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    buckets vs coilovers

    i was reading in another post that there isnt any real benefit to using coilovers over a coil bucket and big shock if you arent utilizing heaps of travel. this true??? im building bronco that will be using cut and turned beams, so there wont be huge amounts of travel (im guessin right around...
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    starter or battery problem

    i need a bit of help. my trucks been havin trouble startin lately and im tryin to figure out if its the battery or starter or possibly the alternator. the trucks only got 30k miles on it. when i go to start it, sometimes it fires right up, other times it wont even turn over, but if i keep...
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    Spectating at Punta Cabras

    I'm gonna be camping at Punta Cabras to watch the 500. Anyone else gonna be hangin there??? We'll be in a tan short bed f150, say hello.
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    can anyone in hook a brother up with some tires??!!! im lookin for 315x75x16's... or any reccommendations on where to find cheap tires?? im lookin for an all terrain type tread but anything will do. thanks -dustin
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    what kind of tires are these??

    anyone know what kind of tire this is??
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    ball joint vs. uniball

    i bought the ball joint CST long travel kit used a while back and havent had the chance to throw it on yet. what im wondering now is if it is worth it to sell the kit and bump up to their unibal kit... is it that much stronger? the truck is gonna be used as a chaser and meximobile and its...
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    rear shock hoop

    im planning on getting a shock hoop built for the rear of my truck soon and i have a couple of questions...first of all i have a 2001 f150 short bed, and im gonna be running the deaver prerunner springs. i want to have the shock hoop built so its no taller than a 20" out of the bottom of my...
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    Need Some Fab Work Done

    Alright, got myself into a pickle and i need to see if you guys can help. i got the california supertrucks coilover kit for my f150 and i need someone to weld in the hoops. i was gonna try and do it myself but i wanna make sure this thing is bullet proof when i put it on. whoever does the fab...
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    im gettin the CST long travel kit for my F150 and i need to know what kind of spindle is the strongest. Are Bullseye and Fabtech the same thing?? are their any other companies?? ive got the hnm ones right now but the front end will be too wide if i keep them on....i need some opinions...
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    4x4 Beams

    Hey, Was wondering if anyone could tell me exactally what cut and turned beams are for 4x4's or if there is any other way to run a coilover application on a 4x4 Explorer. Pictures and other posts would be greatly appreciated and any other info. on what size shock to run etc would work good...
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    preunner expedition

    i'm still waitin to win the lotto, but doesn't anyone else think a prerunner expedition would be bad a$$. The suburban's been done, i don't see why an expedition can't be done. Its got the perfect wheel base, you can cram five seats in there no prob, and it would look soooooo trick. I wish...
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    Del Mar Show

    What'd you guys think of the show this past weekend. I went sunday afternoon and personally thought it was kind of weak, except for the paradigm car and a couple of other buggies. The McNeil explorer was cool too though. It was mostly all trailers. Maybe I just went too late though. I was a...
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    Ford CST Long Travel

    I'm just seeing if anyone has pictures of any F150's with the California Supertrucks coilover kit on it. I'm really interested in getting it put on my truck, but I've yet to see any trucks with it on. Any other thoughts on this kit, I haven't heard any opinions from anyone yet. I know it runs...
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    rear travel with stock setup

    I've got a 2001 f150, and I'm gonna run a reservoir shock under the bed in the stock location, my question is what size shock will bolt right in (8",10"...etc), and how much travel am I capable of getting?(oh,l i'm also running a set of deavers) . Or is it worth it to build a subframe higher up...