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    Snapped double shear

    Ok heres the pics of the snapped steering arm and the spindle. As you can see it was a clean break. just welds coming loose. had there been something to brace the top and/or bottom, It may have been just fine. NO BINDING has occurred, I don't know how bad I stressed that before in another topic...
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    350 Chevy swap

    I need to know what is entailed in a complete motor transmission swap into a 96 S10. I know, I know.... Why Chevy S10? Cause they need to be recognized for what they can be, as opposed to what they are stock, I know they suck stock, so no bagging please! I am serious about dropping at least a vortec...
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    coil binding

    I have my King coilovers in front adjusted so that at ride height it compresses the shock almost to coil bind for the top spring( maybe 6 inches of up travel) cause I want it to sit low and wide. Will that make it ride stiff once the top coil spring begins to bind?? While driving around town I...
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    Portable A/C units

    I am looking for those portable fans with A/C blowing thru, its a 1 piece unit, sizes about 6x6" Does anyone know where I can find them? I 've looked everywhere.
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    Serious rust issues

    I am not sure if this had been posted on before but does anyone know what I can buy to spray onto the rusty areas of the cage and bumpers, etc. to loosen up the surface rust to make sanding and painting easier?? It is pretty ugly and rusty right now and I wanna get this done over the...
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    Smog Arbiter/referee

    Where can I get in touch with someone to override a minor smog dilemma I have with my truck passing the diagnostics and just get a sniffer test. If you want me to explain my whole problem, I will, but for now I just wanna know where I can get an arbiter/referee to look over my truck and pass me...
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    Fab apprenticeship

    I am currently looking for work in an offroad shop as a fabrication apprenticeship. I have 4 years of fabrication experience building cages, bumpers and suspension for friends and myself. I have 2 semesters of welding and fabrication classes at the college I attend, but do not have any...
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    header problems

    I bought some Pace Setter headers a few weeks back, got em on just as the instructions described and there is some exhaust leaking from the cylinder head. I loosened it up, cleaned the surface again and re-torqued the bolts, but still leaking. Is there some kind of gasket goop or sealer I can...
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    freelance prerunning?

    Can you just show up before a race and prerun it?? Who do you need to talk with to be able to prerun a course. Do you need to be affiliated with a team, or can you be a freelance prerunner? Does your prerunner need to have a "legal" cage like the actual race cars do? These are just some...
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    Custom Aluminum Dash

    Where can I get a decent aluminum dash made, nothing too fancy, I have a simple design in mind, just something for the radio, switches, 10 inch sub, and be a reasonable price. I made a sheet metal prototype with 16 gauge metal, but its too thick to allow dzus pins thru, plus its hard to cut...