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    Robby Gorden to see premier of Dust to Glory Sept8

    Re: Robby Gorden to see premier of Dust to Glory S As usual ,Bob said it like no one else can, they nailed it. The movie is simply amazing.
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    Porter Race Cars, still looking!

    Porter Race Cars needs employees. We are looking for skilled people in both fab and or prep. We have a lot of work and need people. Please contact by e-mail @ or by mail 8199 Mar Vista Riverside Ca. 92504.
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    Porter Race Cars needs a chassis builder

    Porter Race Cars is looking for a chassis builder with experience. Please e-mail @ or send a resume by mail to 8199 Mar Vista Riverside CA. 92504
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    500 updates

    Just got the phone call, Pflueger racing in their Porter Race Cars built Trophy Truck won overall, Riviera second, Jason Baldwin third. Congrats.
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    500 updates

    You are killing me. I'm at home they should be done by now?
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    coil binding

    If you have a 500lb. spring over a 500lb spring your initial rate is 250. For any spring combination there is a chart that tells you the initial rate but to be within about 5% here is how you correctly calculate it. Say you have a 300lb. spring over a 500lb spring, the middle of the two rates...
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    Paradigm Webpage?

    I have a Pi dash for sale cheap, PM me porterrace.
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    Herbst testing after the race?

    I am definately not a tire expert. But the problem is, until you have ridden in a fast truck with a fast driver, the rate at which the tires leave and then come in contact with the ground is absolutely amazing. You DO NOT get this sensation in a buggy. Obviously the buggies are going very...
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    Herbst testing after the race?

    Martin, the reason a top fueler doesn't spin the tire on the rim, which actually they do, look close on a top fuel tire and you will see a white or yellow mark on the tire, they use this along with a video of every run to calculate wheel spin in relation to the ground and the rim both. Is...
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    Thanks, I threw it up on the other thread too, but our website will be greatly updated here shortly. Check it out and let me know what you think.
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    Pfluegers Porter TT Sneak Shots

    By the way our website will be greatly updated any day now. By wednesday night for sure. check it out.
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    only the buggy is right hand drive. Not the v-drive truck, and yes there are more plates that attatch the motor to the cage. We only use the real motor to build those not the mock ups. they attatch to the heads and each outer edge of the cage to turn the whole thing into one unit.
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    Pfluegers Porter TT Sneak Shots

    The truck is also a few inches narrower, but the body is quite a bit smaller and makes the truck look a little more delicate. This truck will definately have a completely different look when you guys see it, maybe at the pamona expo?
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    Pfluegers Porter TT Sneak Shots

    The main differences are small but look for changes upfront in construction, and in the back with fuel cell and tires. Sorry we covered up the hood but it will be worth the wait trust me.
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    Shop Visits

    John, I just sent you an email, let me know if you got it, sent out afew and got no responses, thanks.
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    Steve Sourapas has. He is on this web site on occasion, maybe he can respond. good luck
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    How much drugs does it take to do this?

    Hey John, I don't think you guys intended this board to be a bashfest. If you guys are really concerned for peoples safety how about listing this thread in that way. Don't go hiding your sh** talking behing true concern. I would defnately not want my wife driving next to that guy, but I see...
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    Tire Shrub ???

    yes. but we race in the dirt not asphalt, therefore no real side load to speek of. To me there are other factors much more important.
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    Tire Shrub ???

    fabricator, we finally agree, just kidding. As far as the wheel centerline moving in and out during travel you are exactly right, only funky camber can fix that. Robby and I argue all the time about this he likes the funky camber and no lateral movement, I like alittle movement and a more...
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    Center of Gravity

    Re: Fabricator -- care to elaborate? I didn't mean to stray off the origional question, if you were talking to me for changing it. I was however trying to pose a question that seems more practical to the standard off road world, and those who generally try to build their own stuff. As far as...