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    D-SLR Camera

    searched the topic and just about felt dumb not knowing all the camera savvy lingo looking for a simplified version of that has been posted in the past. Have my eye on the Nikon D50 and figured I'd ask the experts that shoot the kind of events I want to; desert racing. What lens would...
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    Welder Stolen

    Hobart 135 stolen last night from the back of the truck. Somewhat beat up as it was the one Matt Torian/ Tex (1481) would bring out to the races for everyone to use. Last seen in Escondido in a residential area near Orange Glen High School. Im not anticipating its recovery but it is worth a...
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    fishy email reply to classifieds add

    well i just got what i would consider a scam email, im not even going to spend the time to write a responding email but rather post its content here. "This message from: to ( ad # 12720 ) Hello seller, I saw your advert and i'm interested in purchasing your Tube frame...
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    Rent a Car for use in Mexico

    I was thinking about making a trip down to Mexico this coming spring break for about 4 days and dont really feel like driving my own vehicle down there. My question to all of you is have any of you rented a car here in So. California to drive around in Mexico? Did the Place offer mexican...
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    Crewzin' Grand Escondido

    Crewzin\' Grand Escondido well it is that time of year again when they line up all kinds of classics and some newer stuff down Grand in Escondido. It is every Friday night, usually around 7 to 9 is a good time to go. If you havent gone before, i encurage you to do so. and if you would like...
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    Curnutt hubs

    I have a set of trailing arms that I purchased at the swapmeet and need a hub assebmly for them. the current design is set up for Curnutt hubs and have had no luck in finding a distributer for them. If any of you know or sell this style hub a web address or phone number would be appreciated...
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    Highway closure(15 North)

    caltrans: [SAN BERNARDINO & RIVERSIDE CO.'S] IS CLOSED TO NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC AT 3 MI SOUTH OF THE JCT OF US 395 (SAN BERNARDINO CO) - DUE TO AN ACCIDENT - A DETOUR IS AVAILABLE My girlfriend is sitting in traffic in Temecula at the 15 and 215 junction for this accident on her...
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    Poll: jeepspeed racing at MDR

    I do not want this to take away from the other thread on the subject. Just a simple poll. Should there be a rule change for MDR. and Yes, to stay true to Jeepspeed requirements, they will have to incorperate a rear bumper to prevent extensive body damage while keeping the rear hatch operational.
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    ACURA motor rebuild

    ok, here is my situation. I have a V6 acura motor that is completly torn down as of right now. I originaly planned on doing a stock rebuild on it and putting it into a baja bug project that i am working on. I really havent done too much research on what kind of transmission that i will be running...
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    plasma cutter

    if by any chance any of you see a fairly new but used bluepoint plasma cutter that has just been resently aquired, please contact me with any info possible. the thiefs also tried to snag a car cd player and two 2.0 fox res shocks but seem to have been spooked off by somthing during the middle...
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    Laughlin Pix

    just got home and thought i'd post some pix
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    Auto parts

    can you guys help me find some names/locations/phone# for some auto yards such as Ecology? what i am in need of is a rear trunk lid for a '91 murcury topas and havent had any luck looking in my local yards. i am in escondido and dont mind driving as far down as the San Diego area to the L.A...
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    MDR Pix

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    B1K Update

    if possible could everyone post the latest info they find out, im assuming at this time, 8:25, the last of them will be getting off the line, keep us posted ...wish i was there
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    I am quite interested in designing (primarily suspensions but other related things) on the computer. for those of you currently using software to "pre-design" your projects, what exactly are you using in the industry today for 2D as well as 3D designing. being fairly proficient on the...
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    JD Performance

    have any of you herd of them? had any experience with dealing with them? they are a temecula based co.
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    Snow in the mountains

    talk about extreems.... one second the mountain is on fire and threatening to burn down the Bear Mountain/Snow Summit resort down, the next i hear that they have a strong possibility of opening their doors at Bear Mountain as early as Friday! Hopfully with weather permitting, this will be a...
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    Desert Trip this halloween

    any of you know if the roads thru palomar and/or ramona(78) are open to get out to Octillo as of yet? and is anyone else planning to go out? the the only way that i can forsee not going would be if i had to take the 10 out there, just too far out of the way since i live in escondido.
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    Baja 1000

    I went to my fist race ever, BITD BajaMex 300 this year and plan on going to the 1000. yeah i know its over a month away but gawd, I CANT WAIT. the only thing that i can possibly justify for not going is if truck #1481 is done for the MDR race which is that same weekend... What a bummer... 2...
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    Looking for mig and tig welders

    im wondering if any of you know of any businesses that do trade-ins/ sell used welders in the southern california area. im going to have my eyes out in the equipment trader and on the net but would like to know if any of you know some good place to look that i do not know of. thanks in advence