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  1. 3 Amigos Racing

    Honda XR Builder Leads Wanted

    Building an 2000 XR 400 for some light moto-dez action and the LA-Palmdale to Vegas ride. Looking for leads to help me with motor builds and some set up. Appreciate any info you send my way.
  2. 3 Amigos Racing

    Single Seat Roller for Sale

    I bought this car site unseen and discovered and I’m too big and fat for it. I’m 6-1 and 235 wide body. I’m keeping the motor. Other than that it’s complete and wired. Belts seat on a slider shifter pumper too. I don’t know the history of the prep but it all works. The front frame were the...
  3. 3 Amigos Racing

    Class 9 Reunion Race

    Class 9 Reunion Race. Might try and promote a Class 9 reunion race. Team race format. That way anyone who was DOR in a 9 car back in the past can team up with an active Class 9 owner and race a few laps at a venue to be specified. Each car would have two DOR's who would be required to start one...
  4. 3 Amigos Racing

    Tent Camping at Races

    I am downsizing from a 34 foot toy hauler after a Class A and thinking I just want the quickest simple option available for BITD and MORE racing. Im not feeding our housing a team anymore, nor the kids at a race. I get the heat issue on a summer race but more concerned about wind and freezing my...
  5. 3 Amigos Racing

    Bad Ass Class 9 Shirts for Your Team

    Leonardo Martinez owns Offroad Racing Designs. His artwork is cool, he has a fast turn around time, great pricing and can create custom race gear for you. I am proud to recommend his designs and services. Offroad Racing Design Click on the link above to contact him via Face Book. Or send me...
  6. 3 Amigos Racing

    MORE 250 Need 1 MORE Entry for $1000

    Here is the drawing for next week. 14 cars you all need 1 more for another $1k in bonus. Make some calls get someone out of the garage! Class 9 (14) 977 Dylan Bland 929 Dan Wood 982 Wes Welch 990 Matt Creveling 945 Raul Yanez 963 Richard Sletten 936 Joseph Clerici 917...
  7. 3 Amigos Racing

    3 Amigos Racing back in a Swinger

    Glad to report my race buddy, Ron Thomas just picked up the ex Rick McCartys #910.. it has been parked a bit and needs some rehab but the car was pretty much as Rick had it. Ron wheeled mucho fast in Class 9 when he co drove 2008-2011 seasons in my niners and most of you know he is a good dude...
  8. 3 Amigos Racing

    Baja Travel: Tent, RTT or Pop Up Trailer

    Kicking around ideas for Baja travel (not pre run) and wanted some thoughts.. I am liking the idea of a good canvas style 10x14 tent, I have no issues with a small pop up trailer and some interest on an RTT.. Vehicles are a Jeep Cherokee 4x4, a Nissan Xterra 2wd and a full size Dodge 4x4...
  9. 3 Amigos Racing

    Grand Slam Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Congrats Tyler Peterson 2016 MORE Points Champ SNORE Points Champ Driver finisher of every mile. Outstanding all the way. If that's not enough bas assness it looks like he is in the running for SNORE Driver of the Year. Click the link and make a vote to represent Tyler and Class 9...
  10. 3 Amigos Racing

    Vintage Production Sedan Questions

    A tarmac racing friend of mine is building a Peking to Paris 65 Mustang GT. The plan is to shake it down NORRA race. In 2013 a similar car raced NORRA in Vintage Production Sedan. Car #371. I was thinking this would be like a Class 6 car. Glancing at the 2017 rules I am confused as to where...
  11. 3 Amigos Racing

    Cracked Case Trans Wanted

    Need a 12 volt bell housing for a project. Don't need the internals etc.
  12. 3 Amigos Racing

    How do you pre run?

    Well due to personal circumstance we sold the race cars but still have a 4 seat Jimco pre runner. The thing is we always raced and never pre run before.. In can't be as easy as 4 guys jumping in and going to Baja? I'm thinking it's basically the same logistics? Chase truck in case the pre...
  13. 3 Amigos Racing

    Ensenada area tent and rv camping near town.

    Looking for ideas in Ensenada to secure tent and rv camping for the Baja 500.
  14. 3 Amigos Racing

    Baja 1000 Lost and Found

    Today 0400 to 0700 between orange county and san diego one large gear bag with 2 helmets suits hnr. Fell out of chase truck on I-5 southbound. If found call or text 760 265 5600
  15. 3 Amigos Racing

    18 foot enclosed trailer to baja?

    I have a 18 foot enclosed trailer. Do I need a Pedimento for something this small? Trailer will have the car only inside.
  16. 3 Amigos Racing

    Has a satellite phone ever won race for you?

    Were budgeting for the 1k and talking about a chase and a race satellite phone just in case. We think we know it’s best to have it but the question was asked to justify the costs: Has a satellite phone ever won a race for you?
  17. 3 Amigos Racing

    Anyone have short course tires on 5 lug front wheels?

    Hey were racing the Class 11 maxtrax $10k series. Our next race is the Lucas course in Phoenix.. anyone have some short course tires alone or tires mounted on front 5 lugs for cheap sale or rent? It would really help us i think.
  18. 3 Amigos Racing

    Owners VS Keyboarders Poll

    With so much opinion, fact, wishing, advice, cost info and name calling in the threads I thought it would be fun to see the demographic. I would expect way more are fans of racing than actually owning or building a car.. If you own a dez race car at current vote yes. Dont have a car vote no...
  19. 3 Amigos Racing

    7.00 x 15 Front Yoks Wanted to Buy Any Condition

    I need 8 spares... looking to buy 7.00 x 15 Yokahama's .. any shape as long as it can be used as a spare. I will buy new tires too.. single tires or mutliples..
  20. 3 Amigos Racing

    Jeepspeed Wrangler Build for 3 Amigos Racing

    3 Amigos Racing, after a couple of seasons in our used $10k Jeepspeed Cherokee decided to move ahead into a new Class 1700 Jeep Wrangler build with the Jeepspeed specialists at T&J Performance in Orange, CA. Being in AZ a bit of a hassle and I was worried about the distance but having my 3...