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    The New Crumco Class 5 Ecotech Racecar Packages - Let's go racing

    Package #1 - $3,300 Crumco is now building purposely built Class 5 racecars. These race cars will have added tubes and gussets for strength. 1 3/4" Chromolly chassis with big beam & boxed rear trailing arms setup for 934 Pro Am microstubs. Includes Convertible body and hood with a hinged...
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    Check out Crumco on Face Book

    We now have a Face book page. Just search for Crumco.
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    Crumco relocated to Palmdale CA

    FYI Crumco Motorsports has relocated to Palmdale CA and are still building everything related to Baja bugs: Chassis's, Beams, Arms. We still have the race packages for anyone interested contact us for info at 661-264-1327.
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    Hello my name is Crumco

    For those of you who don't know me I have been involved with offroad since the 1970's starting with my first ride at Carlsbad with John Spague in a Class 2 which we won. For those of you who don't know Class 2 was a unlimited racecar equivalent to Class 1 today. The engine was 2180CC and a swing...