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  1. jvbmx

    outlaw 525

    has any1 ridden or raced the Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS or S? which is better? I know the traditional rear suspension is better for the MX tracks but damn, the IRS looks pretty sick :D i was thinkin of gettin one, but thought id ask here first
  2. jvbmx

    08 silverado

    just got my new truck and was wondering if you guys could help me with some ideas on how to make it a mild baja-inspired truck
  3. jvbmx

    Kmc xd addict

    anyone seen or have the new KMC XD ADDICT rims? and if you have, what do u think about them?:cool:
  4. jvbmx

    Heyy, im javi quintanilla from down south

    ive been really into this website foa quite sum time now and have never made an account lol so now im here, lets get the party started haha