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    I saw an old school HDRA Sticker on Ebay

    But I can't post a link from my phone. Dammit!
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    This video made my day!! Rock Sugar rocks!!

    For the members that grew up in the 80's this is cool!!
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    The coolest RC video ever!!!! Jesse James WCC Slash

    Check this out YouTube - Traxxas Slash West Coast Choppers truck in the Baja 1000
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    Dezert people Lucky 7 Missouri premiere

    I just got home from the showing and all I can say is WOW!! The cinematography was the best and the sound quality was superb.I don't know how you guys pick the soundtrack but it was awesome too. GOD BLESS THE SOUND OF HORSEPOWER!! I want to thank Curtis and Klaus for putting out another great...
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    Flatwheel productions

    Does anyone have any contact info. for F-W productions. I bought an RPM DVD on October 29th and I have'nt heard a word from them. I have tried the contact email address on their site but I have'nt heard anything. I just want to know if they sent the silly thing or not. I am in no way trying to...
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    I'm Looking for another In memory of FUD decal

    MY wife was rear ended today and the back window of our suburban took most of the hit. It also took out my last FUD decal. Does anyone have one they will sell me??? I really miss that old guy he was a lot of help to my racing over the years. Thanks.
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    Trophy Truck

    Not mine,but it looks like it's gonna be sweet when it's finished.
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    4 seat pre-runner

    I got this in the mail the other day. I am having some custom made aluminum beadlocks made.
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    Kevin Probst aftermath pics from Wheatland

    Kevin crashed hard in round one today,but the guys had spare parts and got the truck put back together by round 2 and he finished second.:):):):) That's Awesome !!!!
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    Pics from Wheatland WSORR round 1&2

    It was a great day of racing. No rain,but the mud was still around this morning. I believe this is Al Konitzer..... It was great day for Carl Renezeder. He won both rounds of pro-2 and pro-4 Here a happy fans gets a great prize!! I took over 500 pictures I...
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    Is Rhonda Konitzer still racing??

    My daughters are big fans of hers. We were hoping she would be at Wheatland, MO. this weekend in the WSORR series. I nticed her website has'nt been updated in quite some time. I have sent emails but they have been returned undeliverable.
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    Weatherman ?mexican radio remix on mp3

    I heard a song a while back that had the weatherman dubbed over Wall of Voodoo's mexican radio. Anyone know where i can download that song?
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    Hello my name is Terry

    i grew up in el cajon,ca . i have loved desert racing ever since i was young . i raced atv's in district 38,37, score, and best in the desert events in the late 80's .in fact i raced 3-wheelers the last year they were allowed at district 38 and finished 4th in the standings. i raced with guys...