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  1. Torchmate

    SuperLite #16 Dawson Kirchner Racing At Firebird in AZ

    Great vid! Fun to watch. Thanks for posting!
  2. Torchmate

    Congrats to Al Hogan 2nd 7200 win!

    Congrats Al! It is great to see you on top after what you went through last year. I remember when I met Al at my first race in 7200 class in Henderson. Helicopters flying around, trophy trucks and class 1's lining up. Al hopped out of his truck and came over to introduce himself. I was...
  3. Torchmate

    ???? Insurance for Racers Please Share ???

    Will be watching this thread closely. I have calls into three different brokers trying to get racing insurance. I will post up what I find out. One of the guys on our team has $1M worth. We are still working on getting the details of that policy.
  4. Torchmate

    KOH Photos, Mikes Race Photo

    Damn! I know right where that was. That was on Spooners after our steering pump failed. Notice the dang tires pointing uphill. It was right after that I had to run down and spot us through most of the trail because we needed the straightest line possible. Too bad you did not get a picture...
  5. Torchmate

    Class 6 / 7200

    The plan is to run Parker, Mint, Baja 500, V2R and Baja 1000 for sure. Chad got his first chance to run the truck this week. He will most likely have some commitments during the year and if he can't make it, I will get back in. I grew up dreaming about the 1000 and have fallen in love with...
  6. Torchmate

    Class 6 / 7200

    Greg Jones and Chad Hall will be racing my truck this year. I may get in the truck once or twice, but work has been nuts. Don't count those guys out though. They are under orders to keep that truck on the podium or I will yank them out and go do it myself. :D Bill Kunz
  7. Torchmate

    Congratulations Dave Caspino and Mason Motorsports

    Congrats guys! Nice work.
  8. Torchmate

    King of the Hammers(KOH) Anyone??

    I will be the one puckered up in the right seat of this puppy! :eek:
  9. Torchmate

    fixture/jig table wanted

    No. Speed Tech from Reno, NV.
  10. Torchmate

    fixture/jig table wanted

    The guys from Speed Tech were in our shop the other day and saw our fixture table. They wanted one, so we built another for them. This one was 4' x 10' x .5" thick. The 1/2" holes are cnc plasma cut and we used our plate marker attachment to lay out the grid pattern. $1,600 We can go...
  11. Torchmate

    Congrats Jason Ruane

    Nice Job!!!! You guy were moving out.
  12. Torchmate

    Forty1Racing 3rd in BITD 7200 Class

    Great job guys! I saw you guys blowing the doors off everyone else. Sorry to hear about the shocks. Great work swapping out and staying with it to the finish. I saw you come across the line to a bunch of cheers from your crew. This was my first season in 7200 also. I had a blast. Tough...
  13. Torchmate

    It is NOW OFFICIAL... BITD is now "BLADE In The Desert"

    Our ten year old truck was pushing the limits of the class back then. Now it is behind the curve compared to your new trucks. I struggle with the idea of upgrading it to compete in 7200 BITD or sticking with Class 7 in SCORE. I talked to Mr. Ruane and they have 28" in the front. :eek: Not...
  14. Torchmate

    Henderson, Fabtech 400 pics Mikes Race Photo

    Great shots! Any of #7231? Thanks!
  15. Torchmate

    It is NOW OFFICIAL... BITD is now "BLADE In The Desert"

    I can tell you that the course did not look like that when we came through. It was rough, rough, rough. Granted, we only have 14" of front travel.
  16. Torchmate

    Congrats to #7286 Dave Caspino for the Class 7200 Series Win

    I just wanted to say congratulations to Dave and his entire team for their class 7200 series win. I was glad to see you at the finish line in Henderson after hearing about the crash. You guys are always tough and that truck is amazing. We had a blast mixing it up with you all year. Nice work!!!
  17. Torchmate

    congrats to ''THE FACTORY RACING''

    Congrats guys!
  18. Torchmate

    what is the average motor size in 7200??

    4.5L Ford 487hp fresh from rebuild and dyno Love it when we are racing and hate it when it has to get rebuilt. Depends on when you ask as to which is stronger, the Love or Hate. The hate is strong right now, but give it a week when I am going 110mph across Laguna Salada. I promise that...
  19. Torchmate

    BITD Henderson

    Am I missing something? What about 7200? We still in the 2nd race I hope?
  20. Torchmate

    How excited were you before your first Baja 1000?

    All of you have been there. I have dreamed of running the Baja 1000 my entire life. After growing up riding dirtbikes and racing a little motocross, the Baja 1000 sat on a pedestal. To me it was the pinnacle of offroad motorsports and something I could only dream about. I told myself that...